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for Harry Potter Alchemist Meister

5/8 c8 7fvdv123
too bad it ends here, it had a lot of promise
3/6 c3 Guest
No she is not annoing, just you being a moron with forces her to nag for a long time to actually get things done
3/6 c2 Guest
Pitied the people who got everything in the start, or scoffed at them when they choose it?! Holy shit! The mc really is a total pathetic retard with jealousy issues.
3/6 c2 Guest
Yes it is a very trash ability moron!
3/6 c2 Guest
Wtf man! Its disgusting that he took over the body dead instead of reincarnated, its like getting ntr by an retarded asshole. Because the body is not his own but someones else dead body.
2/20 c2 Eins minus zwei
"pureblood supremacist movement" thanks for the daily dose of Critical Race Theory.
2/19 c3 toadfist
"but still only 12 to 13 years old, with room to grow". Bruh how fucking creepy are you.
2/16 c8 dragonc825
So about that Solar Generator; more intel about it would be nice. :) Enjoying the story so far!
2/9 c8 Guest
Why not also try to enchance his servant? familiar? It would be beneficial and what is more even if for some reason, he will go with that rather idiotic plan of using his blood in helping the voldie ressurect, rather than simply overpowering the rat and editing the memories of the rat and voldie to belive that the ritual was complete and not something like using the blood of the rat or blood of some 'light' family memebr like ron wesley to ressurect voldie they would see all was good and well by the use of memory editing. He could even place some hidden commands in the memory of pettigrew, to poison the opposition at the site of final battle or simply to sent letters with all the movs of voldie to hadrian and forget about it after delivery. But that is digression, why not enchance his familiar, when she will have no reason to not use all those types of substances in enchancing rituals, be them, her body, soul or mind.
2/11 c8 AshBladeHentai
Incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far
2/9 c8 Bobainox
more moreeeeeeeeeeee
2/9 c8 Lesancapo
Thanks by the chapter.
It was awesome.
Im curius hor the angels escence will affect the patronus
2/8 c7 Chad Putin Mckokiner

cant wait for more, bro.

do ya have an update schedule?

hopefully all is well...

anyway, have a good day/night.
2/1 c1 readingAngel
I just recently found your story and I really enjoy I look forward to seeing what comes next . is Hermione going to be part of the harem?
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