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7/31/2023 c5 Axccel
The UNSC never oppressed the Outer Colonies. The Insurrectionists merely throw the accusation around to justify any evil deeds they want.

The UNSC and UEG were never dependent on the Outer Colonies for anything. Those colonies have relatively tiny populations, much too small to harvest or produce anything of worth to the Inner Colonies and Earth, and most are completely dependent on the Inner Colonies for industry and technology.

Earth and the Inner Colonies, meanwhile, are each entirely self-sufficient.

Slapping the Insurrection into the lore after establishing a setting in which they have no reason to exist was a very stupid thing for Bungie to do.
7/31/2023 c4 Axccel
The original lore for the Insurrection made much more sense than the later idiotic attempts to make them seem like they have any kind of justification. Originally, they were the leftovers of the Rainforest Wars and Interplanetary War who had stayed under the radar and eventually focused their presence on the Outer Colonies. Building up quietly until they were ready to strike. Making the Insurrection basically just an extension of the Interplanetary War much like World War II was to World War I.

Instead, now we’re supposed to believe the UNSC is oppressive despite not governing anyone, not doing anything remotely oppressive, liberating the Outer Colonies from pirate traitors that were once those colonies’ own military, and the fact the Outer Colonies are functionally their own autonomous nation to the point they have their own senate and even their own military.

Oh wow, such oppression.

And that they got upset that one guy on one ship nuked a colony that was violently rebelling and was made up entirely of armed terrorists because sending millions of men to die door-by-door there just so you can say you shot them instead of blew them up from orbit is stupid.
7/31/2023 c3 Axccel
The interesting thing about the Forerunner and ancient human lore that 343i actually did a good job with is the type of irony used. The humans defeated the Flood by sacrificing themselves to save everyone else from it, and seemed to have succeeded in saving literally everyone by moving species away from the danger. The Forerunners sacrificed everyone else to save themselves until they were backed into a corner and realized what they had done and sought redemption.
11/17/2022 c12 ExcaliberShooter
Very good reactions so far so good.
11/15/2022 c12 Guest
To guest,

Are you happy now?
11/15/2022 c12 Guest
Just up date halo legends for fuck sake
11/15/2022 c12 Dasgun
11/15/2022 c12 Jamieoeyes
Have you ever thought about doing a reacting to RWBY with Night Raid It would be the first of its kind and I'd be really interested in how you will have the Night Raid cast react to the thing's in RWBY just something to think about if the concept interests you.
11/14/2022 c6 1nantono
11/14/2022 c12 ricky117
I was wondering maybe you can do a Gears of War where they play Gears of War
11/14/2022 c12 ricky117
I think they should play Silent Hill it really is a scary series and I already should get the scared of their life
7/23/2022 c1 Dasgun
7/19/2022 c11 ExcaliberShooter
Yeah and then have a poisoness sword and ice blades impale your torso while two invisible armored people are interrogating you after slaying your squad.

At the end part you should put "Whoever" not "However" in that sentence.
6/9/2022 c9 Cyberbooks
Okay, I'm a bit confused right now. What is the update? Is the 9th Chapter the update? Or is it something else?

All I'm thinking about is that either one of the chapters got updated with different dialogue or a 10th chapter has been updated? I hope that you answer! :3
5/13/2022 c1 Skelebot
Guess I’ll wait for 18201 years
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