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for Alicization - Reforging Blades

11/6 c2 RandomPerson1223
This is some good stuff, can't wait for more :)
11/2 c2 BH PRANAV
amazing story please continue
11/1 c1 Guest
Ahhh so glad to see you finally updated. Great chapter even though I don’t really understand what’s going on with kirito rn. Can’t wait for the next one mate
10/26 c2 taiwoeretan1
Your writing is just so good, it's crazy.
10/24 c1 Alice30
Good chapter, can’t wait for the next one.
10/24 c2 1PakmanAzul
This is great! Hope you update soon!
1/21 c1 WinterWritting
Dam... I kinda messed up xd. Anyway.

As I was saying, This hands that hold mine is awesome, but we didn't get much of it :c and on top of that, I really enjoyed the way you portrayed the start more, especially since it seems we will get some more of Kirito's self-reflection. I loved how he considers his Underworld memories to be the ''real'' while his memories as Kazuto are treated as fake ones... kinda.

I wonder if Kirito will wake up sooner, how much will his reflections affect his relationships, and how his relationship with Alice will develop since she is dealing with her own problems as well...

Really looking forward to the next chapter. :D
1/21 c1 1WinterWritting
While I was reading this magnificent piece of writing, I tough that I recognized the writing style, so when I finished the chapter I decided to check your profile and I was like, ''Holy shit, It's the author of Souveräne Historia Jaeger und Eren Jaeger Die Usurpatoren. And writing a Kirito x Alice fic... What great taste. ''

Seriously, this is awesome. I have been shipping Kirito and Alice since the first volume of Alicization when I started reading way back when the second season finished airing. I love how you use Kiritos reflections to diverge the history and also showing part of Alice taking care of him.

As much as I like Alicization I will always think that it was a huge waste of potential like exploring more of the world-building, exploring the new and interesting characters, and most importantly, a chance to truly develop Kirito. What a waste.

Really excited for what comes next, because so far I think you've done an outstanding job setting the missets of the characters and planting a believable way for Kirito to really change. Great job.

To be honest, this might be the best Kirito x Alice fic so far. While I enjoyed Alicization in perpetuity, I think it quickly went downhill after chapter 4. This hands that hold mine is awesome, but
1/18 c1 Gilgamesh73
Uau, além de ErenxHistoria você também gosta de KiritoxAlice, somos mais parecidos do que eu pensava
1/17 c1 AliCynthesis
I do hope that this will be a full-fledged story rather than 3-4 chapters. I like this a lot.
1/17 c1 Raiyin577
This is great can’t wait for more!
1/16 c1 Guest
Yes you ship kirito x alice too. Another ship we have in common and is an incredible pairing like erehisu!
1/16 c1 giacomoX
Can't wait to see how it develops

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