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6/7/2022 c35 6NightAroma
Well... I certainly wasn't expecting that. That was far sweeter than I would have expected- and as consequence the ending hit much harder. Though a large part of that might be because I understood what was going on the moment Marco mentioned the soup's taste.

I think you might be right about this being the first Yam Marco story out there. I know I probably wouldn't have done anything with this outside of making vegetable jokes (or maybe even Veggietales jokes), but this really does have lots of potential.

Great job!
6/6/2022 c35 Guest
With all the flashbacks to her, I wish we see Hekapoo in this story

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated"
4/24/2022 c11 Guest
I love the story but it’s hard to tell who talking or not
3/19/2022 c34 NightAroma
You know, the funny thing is that I once had that exact same : Marco didn't actually grow up in the Neverzone. Granted I came up with it more as a counter to the "Marco is mentally thirty" argument, but looking back it makes sense. Marco never seemed that much more mature than he was before, even in his adult form. Heck, even at the end of 'Running With Scissors', he was bragging about all the things he did to track down Hekapoo, to both her and to Star when she showed up.

I like that you gave us a chunk of evidence for that in your story with the CAT scan, though. Makes it very concrete what actually happened (at least in this timeline, anyway). And I think Marco should seriously consider writing that paper, would be a pretty good piece for the brains of the world to ponder over.

That ending though... hoo boy, this is gonna be a real ride, isn't it?
Curious to see what you come up with, 'cause I've seen some pretty crazy things. Especially in the Neverzone.
3/19/2022 c33 NightAroma
That's an interesting AU idea there, having Star and Marco reunite as adults after a brief meeting at fourteen. I might want to something similar one day, but I should really finish more of my half-finished ideas before I add to the pile.
3/2/2022 c33 mono1472
Hmm... 1 for Love- 0 for the Dark Lord of ble ble ble.
Also, drawing chapter 11 is now on my schedule.
And one last thing, I really like the"Wagon Wheel" song.
1/11/2022 c31 mono1472
Thanks, Olin. It really fun to make comics base on your stories. Some of my classmates even asked that am I on Friday coo-coo mode. lol
1/7/2022 c32 5jkrust78
Marco...Marco...Marco...ya gotta clear your browser history. It's not hard to do. at the Sailor Moon original theme reference. You should do a story about how Star gets obsessed with Sailor Moon. It's right up her alley to begin with.
11/26/2021 c30 jkrust78
You're still telling the stories that we want to hear that fill in all the holes that were left when the series ended, and that's just fine by me. Keep it up!
11/23/2021 c29 mono1472
You did make a lots abs joke back then, but hey they touch my "haha" button. 2 more things, I'm half way of chapter 8, one more test and I'll have some free time to complete the rest. After that, cheesy contents I'm coming for ya. And... Spider with the top hat. W40k woah hohoho...I'm in.
P/sI'm not a fan of w40k but I do like their tanks, armor suits and BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD HOD!
11/17/2021 c8 mono1472
I have just completed comic version. It till a draft but I will complete it when I finish my exams. see ya on tumblr
11/10/2021 c18 mono1472
Look like now I have 2 favorite chapters 11&18. Let's see how many more favorite chapters I can find
10/17/2021 c9 Guest
I like this I also like how you included Ruberiot and Foolduke in this story honestly they were one of my favorite couples in the series I had a feeling they would end up together during the whole resistance arc the way they fought just screamed sexual tension I think more writers should include them in post cleave stories especially since they are kind of a newer couple who have tied the knot I think Marco and Star could get a lot of advice about a blossoming relationship from those two. Also I like how you made Foolduke pregnant it basically cements their relationship.
6/30/2021 c24 ed
6/30/2021 c23 ed
take a break, and take your time, we can wait. enjoy your summer as well!
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