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for Make Amends

2/5 c1 Tess
Love this thread! Can you re-write the bridge scene where he decides to cut his losses and have his arm amputated?
1/18 c1 FitzyMary
Great idea! I challenge you to write a tag for when Robert catches Elizabeth with Peter in the mens changing room.
1/17 c1 2BBIRedDi
Bravo! Another rewrite done right. Who can forget his suspenders? As it should have been.
1/17 c1 Guest
One of the bigger wrongs: Elizabeth’s wedding to Mahk. Can this be righted? Another idea: rewriting the ep where Fossen is after Elizabeth and Ella. Rocket to the rescue?
1/17 c1 Guest
Nice one!
1/17 c1 seascapephil
Loved it! Much prefer that version. How about a tag for when Romano collapses during surgery?
1/17 c1 FFreader22
What a lovely treat! As always, very well written and all in character. I'd like to challenge you to continue this but realise that's not how it works. Check your in- box!
1/16 c1 6IlikebigficsandIcannotlie
My grin is bigger and goofier than Romano’s. Definitely. I love it and want more. Absolutely how that episode should have gone, and I’m so thrilled. Off to reread this with a glass of wine in the hot tub where I can drift off into Cordano land.

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