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for Evangelion: Shadō Wa Shitte Imasu

7/27 c18 4RealRemainder
OH HEY! THIS IS BACK! Man, I really am taking longer to review my fanfics because of world of Warcraft...


-I got nothing, not a single grammar or spelling mistake. Good work.

Oh yeah, we just saw The acting contest. Hikari's father is picking them up? Wouldn't section 02 do that? OH SHIT, bad guys are with Hikari's dad... Haha, pulp fiction reference. Well, of course the pilots aproach along side Rei but wouldn't they call section 02?

Um, threat confirmed, why aren't the section 02 agents coming over?

Um, Hikari's father, a NERV employee, gets shoved, why aren't the section 02 agents coming over?!

The Shadow appeared before them? Well, okay, I guess it's his story and this was a nice fight, but still; why didn't section 02 agents came over? Oh, they came only NOW after the fight is over and Shadow is gone? LOL okay... Ah, Asuka heard stories about the Shadow from someone named Oma. Interesting.

Good chapter. Section 02 being late felt a little off though. As for the author's note; Oh what a shock, someone that didn't read the Shadow comics didn't get those references.

on the Omake we see... Grim and gritty stuff? Why-? Oh come on, couldn't this be a tangent plot on the main story? You even adress that later on! Well, whatever, read you next time (Yeah I'm finishing my reviews with read you next time now).
7/25 c18 20Lexarius
Welcome back!

Nice to see the Shadow doing what he does best. The Horaki are already grateful, and now Asuka will certainly want to know more.

Please do the Team-up! The name flashed in my mind as soon as I recognized the album.
7/25 c18 29SulliMike23
Glad you’re back at it. So the saboteurs and kidnappers are at it again. Question is, who do they represent?
7/25 c18 6YourBlandestNightmare
Happy so see you back! Yeah, writer's block sucks, but sadly it's part of life :(

So, Asuka's gradmother told her stories about the original Shadow? That's certainly going to make things interesting when/if Asuka discovers Shinji's secret identity.

Did you take the goons' names from the Shadow media, or are they an original creation?

Have a nive vacation! :)
7/24 c18 8SheriffJohnStone
He’s back! I enjoyed this, love to see Shadow-Shinman kick some ass. This organization that tried to hassle the girls is certainly interesting, and I await the next chapter. Good work!
6/17 c17 4RealRemainder
AH! Finally managed to sit down to read and review this. Ain't real life a bitch?


-I got nothing. No- you probably know by now.

Haha, Penpen is ogling Asuka. Haha, playful Misato. Ah, yes, Misato's backstory. Wataru was her father's name huh? I kind of like how Canon leaves it open so every fic I read is different. Sometimes Asuka even already knows about this. I like these details though. I like Asuka and Misato growing closer. Waht, no 'expansion' joke?

LOL Shinji made a cuban Bento. So Cuba still exist post Second Impact? Well, Japan survived. I love how Shadow Shinji likes movies and stuff. OH CRAP!AN ACTING CONTEST LOOOLLL! Though I think Rei needed more convincing than that. Wonder if one of these groups will win. Which one, hmmm?

Haha, the acting contest becaem NERV gossip!

Oh boy, contest time already! LOL! Hmm, what ever it is they picked it seems Rei did good. Haha, I love motherly Misato! Hmmm, film references. Oh? There's an entire film scene here? I guess there is. I haven't seen these movies though, so both scenes fall flat for me ;_;

Ah, it's over. Okay, see you next time.
6/15 c17 6YourBlandestNightmare
Loved how Misato opened herself to Asuka, it was a great moment. Shinji and not drinking anymore are doing wonders for her. I'm really happy to see a much healthier Misato, both physically and emotionally.

And the recreation of The Third Man scene was great too. The speech about still believing in God and referring to people as 'dots' is oddly fitting for Rei, giving her true nature and her relationship with Lilith.

I've said many times that the pilots could've benefited from joining a drama club. Acting can be pretty therapeutic.

Good chapter. Waiting for the next :)
6/15 c17 29SulliMike23
Nothing real interesting going on. Still, glad Misato opened up to Asuka about her past.
6/14 c17 8SheriffJohnStone
That was a fun one, well done
6/1 c16 4RealRemainder
Man, 2 fics I follow updated around the same time...


-I got nothing. No... Well, you know by now.

Okay,let's see how this Op plays out. Hmmm, this reminds me of the meteor Angel. Oh, there's also a bit of the Volcano Angel. Interesting.

And at the edge of the city we have... science jumble followed by intense battle. The acid thing works and there's a tense battle.

The commander's office? Why-? Oh, the variants of the Angels. Oh no way in hell Gendo is allowing Units 03 and 04 into the game before the bases disappear... See, called it. OH SHIT the Shadow is there! And he's making Gendo agree to it... oh boy... Man this ending was awesome! But won't Gendo suspect something when her thinks about this later? Hmm, we shall see.
6/1 c16 20Azure Dragon of the East
I was wondering when you'd have Shinji give Gendo the Jedi Mind trick routine
6/1 c16 James Birdsong
Good six chapters
6/1 c16 6YourBlandestNightmare
And now, all I can picture is Shinji doing the Jedi mind trick xD

That caught me by surprise, wasn't expecting Shinji to have those kind of powers; but now I'm very intrigued. I assume there are some limitations to it, right?

Good chapter :)
5/31 c16 8SheriffJohnStone
Hell yeah, great battle! Really well put-together. On top of that, the end scene was really cool! I like seeing Shinji using his shadow abilities
5/31 c16 29SulliMike23
And the Shadow has just planted one of his next major wrenches into Gendo’s overall plan. Still, I wonder who it was that sabotaged their first attempt to destroy the angel?
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