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for Chasing Ghosts

4/15 c1 iyalode
Excellent case fic story. I like you didn't drag it out too long, and I felt you captured the internal conflict Reid & Hotch experienced really well.
3/13 c1 36Whiitewolf
I really enjoyed reading this! It was so good. Definitely do a sequel if you can!
2/15 c1 Makanie
Great story! A sequel would be nice. Maybe the BAU could be sent after Dean and Sam like Victor Henriksen was?
1/26 c1 1beckini
I LOVES IT! Great crossover! Absolutely believable too.
1/18 c1 29Secretwrittenword
Great job. I haven’t watched a lot of Criminal Minds but you seemed to have captured the characters personalities really well.
Would definitely read another crossover.
1/18 c1 1Jackalope89
Not bad. But it's missing a lot of punctuation marks, mainly commas. Sometimes a period is in a spot when it should be a question mark. That kind of thing.
1/17 c1 9bossyshort
Nice work! I can totally see the Winchesters and the Criminal Minds team meeting more than once if they'd share a universe. I especially liked that you also gave us a little scene after Sam and Dean left, because well finding out the supernatural is real is a big deal and not really adressed in the show. So thank you.
Sequel please :)
1/17 c1 miss.heavenlysamone2002
Please make more of this?
1/16 c1 7SilverDragonflymoon
Well done, you did an amazing job with this one shot, you wrote Hotch and Reid really well as well as Morgan.

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