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for The Essence of a Hero

20h c7 Guest
Man when are you going to update the story?
10/26 c4 Jose19
Loki is actually a good deity because she loves her children the highest compliment that Hestia gave her, and she wouldn’t steal from other Familia like Freya.
10/26 c3 Jose19
You made a mistake on the story Loki and Freya can’t fight in a War game they have a exclusive agreement with the Guild to unconditionally protect the city at all costs.

The deal in question can’t be broken both would be sent to Heaven if it did.

Freya in reality as powerful as the deity is can’t steal Bell like she did with Hestia both of them are crucial and they are the Insurance against a attack from One eyed or other dangers.

They are alllowed immunity from all actions the most they can be punished is a hefty fine this agreement was in place for Hera and Zeus.

The reason for the Familias of Zeus and Hera being broken up is not because they lost many members but the true culprit was the populace of the city they turned on them, and betrayal happened.

They blamed everything on Zeus and Hera even to their members for failing to defeat One eyed so the public was a bunch of hypocrites.

I am disgusted in Freya in what she did to Bell, and his Familia the deity is in love with him but he refused her confession, and is unable to accept it, and retaliated against the boy.
10/26 c1 Jose19
Alfia and Zard won’t be able to see Bell become a Hero because their illness has no cure, and is fatal.
10/4 c6 StayBlessed
No need to apologize my friend. This fic is amazing. If there's something you dislike about your writing, just continue to improve upon it. I look forward to reading more of this fix, so please don't get discouraged.
10/3 c6 KoragZenAku
Love the story can't wait for more chapters thank you
10/1 c7 Hugo0974
Amazing fic! I already add to my favorites! Please, update soon!
9/17 c7 Guest
Nxt update?
9/2 c7 Einherjar
Man have you dropped the story
8/29 c4 PharaohThvGvd
Please don’t tell me this story is dead it’s too good please update
8/27 c7 Infinity1412
8/25 c7 Hunternight
Up date?
8/20 c1 1YAOWA
Is the story dead? Its sooo fire
8/17 c7 hamzamohhmmeedd
Great chapter
7/29 c6 Guest
This fanfic is absolute fire …. I almost like this better then the original story tbh lol, i would’ve believed omori wrote this himself as a what if story, please update soon
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