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for Duo Jedi To The Rescue

6/3 c1 Eclectica737
Finally got to the Mandalorian recently and I like what I see. Especially Grogu, cute little dude. I also liked Luke's appearance in the finale as I got more satisfaction out of that then his appearances in the sequel trilogy. I also liked that you included Mara, I mean I haven't really extensively read any of those stories in detail but I know about her, I just wish that she were actually included in canon.
1/22 c1 5Mighty Action X
I really wish they 'Days of the Future Past' the franchise, if you know what I mean in order to delete the sequel trilogy timeline while still accepting that it exist.
1/17 c1 62Kondoru
Grogu didnt go with Luke, notice.

He went with R2D2

Though he may have met the droid in the temple, he is the one character we know is totally trustworthy.

I think he is safe.

(And adding Mara is a good idea; shows your story is EU rather than Disney canon)

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