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for Never Gonna Love Again

5/16 c20 Descendantslover
This whole story was written AMAZINGLY well! Great job. xx
5/15 c20 sao-frozen-smc.animefan
it was great, also given that I saw this in the other reviews, you forgot to take out the author note's, sorry to annoy you with that reminder, also hope there's a sequel for this story
5/15 c20 4461394
Good story
4/26 c5 Magenta Greenwal
Chapter 5 and stuff like this are already happening.
4/18 c16 EllaBSinging
Audry's going to get herself hurt and her "Grammy" is just going to blame it on Fairy Godmother.
4/16 c16 61394
No bad Leah things were going to go off without Maleficent showing up bad
4/16 c16 smc-smfan1
good chap & having audrey get the wand instead of jane is a good original idea, anticipating how that will turn out
4/3 c14 smc-smfan1
it's good
4/3 c14 EllaBSinging
mooooooore i love this book!
4/3 c14 6Ems-g
Girl you write as many author notes as you like! This story is yours! While I love each chapter and many of the other things you have written (I'm weak for some well written fanfic :P ) this story only exists because you want it to exist. You do whatever you like and I'll happily read it :D
Poor Mal having to come to realisations that aren't as easily solved as just giving Ben the anti-love potion and letting that play out after they don't steal the wand. Now Mal has time to actually think about things and the fact that Ben has been so kind and lovely and sweet without needing to be spelled
4/1 c13 Mustang52
That's great can we know what stories you were able to adopt from WanderlustandFreedom.
4/1 c13 EllaBSinging
I can't wait for more.
3/31 c13 smc-smfan1
hopeful in asking this again even though I know that it probably wont work, when you DO (eventually) put up the next chapter PLEASE replace the author's notes with the ACTUAL chapter, they are wasting space in the ACTUAL story, this is a HOPEFUL suggestion that you most likely wont do, you can get rid of this message if you want too, the other also. thank you for listening.
3/31 c13 Ghrumfwggrvjdafbhs
And I can’t wait for the next chapter
3/31 c13 33WanderlustandFreedom
It's going to be great!
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