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for In The New Year

3/6 c1 fyorarules
Cutiiieeessssss I love this version of them! Thanks for writing and sharing!
2/12 c1 Mmmm8888
2/9 c1 Little Chocolate Swallow
Lovely and sweet piece. Please don't mind the trolls. They're called trolls for a reason. Or maybe, get your wand and stick it in their noses like in Philosopher's Stone! Hahahaha! Cheer up! I look forward to your works.
1/22 c1 8Scorpia11
Thanks for posting this lovely piece! it was so sweet and fluffy. I'm glad you're still posting here but I'll follow on AO3 too. The trolls are the worst, but I hope the positive comments outweigh the negative. Thanks for sharing!
1/21 c1 SmileSimplify
This was a lovely fic. :)
1/18 c1 tin bits
Sorry about Trolls and you moving on.
Trolls everywhere these days fb, Reddit, tumblr, Instagram so on.
1/17 c1 Cece
Thank you for the lovely update :)
1/19 c1 pgoodrichboggs
Adorable! Those two are so cute!
1/19 c1 3HarryPGinnyW4eva
Well, I am really glad you're still here! A03 is easier to post on, but more difficult to find stories on. :-) Though, if you go, I will follow. lol I love your stories! This was adorably hopeful. Thank you! HG4eva
1/17 c1 GuilveriaWeasely
It starts with a single question: where do you want to be this time next year?
Answer: standing over Draco Malfoy's grave, celebrating with everyone else!

You did ask ..
1/18 c1 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
really sweet
1/17 c1 Bnjeluh
Thank you for choosing to post this here despite the trolls. I really, really love your work and the way you write!
1/17 c1 6LittleTrooper99
Was so excites to see a me story. You are aweaome.
1/17 c1 10FauxBrit
This was a great fic. I do so enjoy your writing, please ignore the trolls.
1/17 c1 burungmalam
This is adorable! Hermione is right, being honest with yourself is the first step, and often the most intimidating one.
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