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for After the Leaves Have Fallen

1/23 c1 24Seldin
I'm coming back, i'll just go crying in a corner of my room... I'm not kidding, you really portrayed my two favourite characters of this show perfectly. And it's so beautiful. Keep on writing ! :)
1/18 c1 16Aurora Lunae
This was so beautifully written! I teared up reading it during the part where Zuko realized the day. Thank you for writing this, I absolutely adore it!
1/18 c1 7KarajeJinsta
OhMyGosh, you love ATLA too?
*cheers in happiness*
Well this is absolutely amazing. Honestly, the tales of Ba Sing Se was the best filler episode ever. And Leaves From the Vine is just... *eyes well up in tears* Well you get the picture. It’s really sad.
Also, I love how you write Iroh and Zuko. Honestly, at this point he’s just trying to figure everything out, and keep the one person in the world who cares about him.
Thank you for writing this! You did a really great job! :D
1/17 c1 4Revee
I love Zuko! He's my favorite Avatar the last Airbender character. This story is really good. I think you wrote Zuko's character really well. Iroh too. I love your stories!
1/17 c1 5SJTiger
I love this!

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