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4/17 c5 Guest
So cute!
4/17 c1 Guest
When watching the movie it completely ignores the fact that the C.W. lasted over 5 years. You would have NO IDEA just from watching them, it's crazy how much it was basically butchered.

I like how this is going so far.
4/15 c8 102SongoftheDarquePhoenix
*coughs* Ahem.
This is brilliant!
Yay! Angst!
This is really good! You balance action with description really well, and this is far better than many other time travel stories I have read!
(I think I have read the Obiwan one and iit is SO good and this is just as good :)
3/28 c3 skythinking
I don't usually write reviews but just found ur story and I love it, I completely agree with anakin and padmé, the only good thing about that relationship was luke and leia, I'm dying to see how ani and obi's relationship will be like here, and what will happen with quin gon ! this is amazing 3
3/28 c8 PrimeSpectre
What is your update schedule ?!
3/17 c8 13acacia59601
This is a really interesting way or rewriting the story! I really hope you continue working on it!
3/17 c8 11jediryu
Let the haters froth at the digital mouth and ignore them.
Personally, I like the moments of introspection that Anakin is having. I use similar moments in my stories too.
I’ll admit, I was a little uncertain if I was going to like this story at first, when you stated that Luke & Leia would never exist in this timeline, but I’m glad I continued to read it. I really like how you describe Anakin’s perception of the Force. I’m looking forward to the moment when he reveals himself as the older soul in the younger body.
Please continue to the end with this story.
3/17 c8 13Tyla Lokisdottir
Loved it! I'm so sorry, I know what that's like. Anxiety is a constant struggle for me, and it's true that mental health and trauma are some of the hardest things for people to get through. I'm glad you're better now! :)

I also love the Anakin & Yoda thing! For some reason Yoda is one of my favorite characters, so it's nice that you're gonna give him more of a larger role, :D

~Tyla Lynn
3/15 c3 OdeClock
For Anakin, seeing Obi-Wan after being that emotional seeing Qui-Gonn, his mother and Padmé, would've easily floored him. Poor Anakin. His emotions are a strength but only if he doesn't let it control him. I also like how you made Anakin promise to just be good, instead of the greatest. By Revenge of the Sith he was arguably the greates, but he wasn't good. Also glad to see Shmi wisely reiterate that being good is enough.
3/15 c2 OdeClock
Obi-Wan dropping in is his specialty. So Anakin has realised his true potential in this as a redo version of himself. The strong emotions he felt through his life, all of that stress can finally be remedied. Also that PTSD from being a war hero is something he needs to fix too.
3/15 c1 OdeClock
This follows quite well with the extra snippets from Revenge of the Sith that detailed how conflicted Anakin was with what he did. The raw emotion here from a broken Anakin, who no longer cared for the moniker of Vader was great to read.
3/15 c8 35Nightshade's sydneylover150
3/15 c8 osterreicher97
Can't wait for his "first" meeting with the Council. Also, I wonder what Sidious is thinking right now...
3/15 c8 EgyLynx
Be force at with you at your anxiety is long past... But at artist... Anxiety and good days are like sun and mon... but these time... anxiety maybe deeper, or at it fear?

Anyway good luck story AND self!
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