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for Zero: The Biggest Threat of Class 1-A?

1/29 c1 Cute Kirby
It's all your fault that I went on a three day reading binge of all Cloud-nine-and-three-quarter's works! So thank you.
1/18 c1 25Death Fury
1/18 c1 Sage of Wind Dragons
I got some... well partly I need a timeline and someone to comit to a how the world changed when super powers got into it, adding in issues of Cold War shenanagins and the like.
but not just the same war but super powers that kept it the same so irrelevant!

but I absolutly Loved All Might as a fella.

and Izuku is a cute fella, and all of them are likeable enough!

still interesting thing to work with. Im happy you had fun with a one shot.
like no clue how someone like Bakugo, who is BIG in this is my habbit so I continue on would work with former villany... hmmm.

still! the problems with super powers, if you make them to powerful and big, it ruins competency and threat management for all others! cause you write yourself into a corner and make things messy!

take Vision that if they had actually used him could have finished the inciting incident with Hydra in civil war easily.
but like, take say Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man.
with the Shield and his own abilities I could not beleive Cap could beat Thor or like the Hulk?
but I could easily believe him like, taking out an eye of the Hulk, or busting Thors Knee.

so not win, but could still draw blood and thus it can work on a playing field with people.
but Vision? doge and throw around? he kinda...

still. Uraraka Ochako is fun!
totally ship her with Bakugo though alas. Ground Zero/Uravity for the win! think one of the ship names i saw once was Point Zero or something like it? hmm.
ah well such is life. also most scary is super scary. the Grin! we must fear it all!

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