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6/27 c5 3H0nd3k0s135
Very entertaining story and i hope you contiue when you find the time. I like the concepts and story plots you have set up and want to see how they all develop.
4/10 c1 Flame punch
This is incredibly hard to read in terms of grammar, it reads almost like a machine translation of a Russian novel or something.

Characters are wildly ooc without some kind of event explaining why they would change personality.

Events are a bit contrived and forced when I could honestly see them happen realistically so I think that’s more the author not understanding the series well enough.

I’d rate the content of the story 6/10. It has a lot of potential but contrived story telling makes it difficult to believe.

Overall I’d give this fic a 4/10, it really gets dragged down by the grammar. I wouldn’t recommend reading this.
2/27 c5 NekoMan
Your writing is good keep it up and overall I like it except for those little Erza bashing.
2/17 c5 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
2/15 c4 Lord Voldemort
Just one question. Do you really hate Erza that much? I mean I'm not really a fan of her and her attitude was a little bit disturbing but that's because she's in the tower for eight years and the environment there is not really pleasant that's why I think she has PTSD and I believe that a child adapts on what he/she sees on his/her surroundings that's why we can see her hit people especially Natsu and I repeat a child adapts on what he/she sees that's why she think that the only way she can discipline Natsu was to hit him because that's what she saw when she was on the tower and she saw it effective I mean that's not good but can you really blame her when most of her life she was beaten and tortured in the tower. But after the Tower Arc her character development started and then sadly messed up again on the last season. Anyways you're a good writer though.

PS: I'm not really a fan of FairyTail but I can say it's a decent one and has a good concept though the downside of this anime it has a LOT of fanservice that's why it is so cringey.
2/12 c5 15Ryojin
Great story keep it up.
2/11 c5 zzkaizer
Can’t wait for the next chapter to be out :D
2/4 c5 demigodninja21
This is pretty good so far.
2/3 c5 2Xerzo LotCN
You know idm crossover details as long as it fits the theme and not bring male protags lols or causes ntr and especially if its used to expand the harem

So why doesn't he use magic is he using curse or something else or chakra?
2/3 c5 skyrim Morrowind
Break this shit go for it!
2/3 c4 skyrim Morrowind
This just made me hate Erza so and I love we’re the story going
2/3 c5 Angel Of Demise 0
love it
2/3 c5 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update and I like the part that Natsu has a daughter.
2/3 c5 3NightSlayer04
Alright nice foreshadowing of Hisui XD
Green hair, might as well saw that they will see the mother of the Esme to be Hisui at GMG XD
2/3 c5 1GreekfanFT
Even if stuff are random, your story is well written, so props to you!
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