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1/31 c4 skyrim Morrowind
First off this is amazing and anyone that says otherwise are just pricks
1/31 c4 2Xerzo LotCN
So we know (hopefully) anna is joining the harem soon we know mira will eventually but who else will join
We know mavis seilah and the princess are in it
Will lisanna and lucy what about wendy will any of them join will erza or is she stuck sister zoned
Could ultear be or have been added that would be interesting
Will the 17 year old oc that has a crush on natsu join
Would anyone else join? I hope so

Besides that this seem really interesting im looking forward to seeing more of this
1/29 c4 Hiceman78
A like
1/28 c4 Blood.L.Staz
no. am confused AF.
1/27 c4 maydena
SIGH... he is way to emotional being mature dont mean he have to cry and be all emotional its just cringe to read about natsu who cries like that
1/26 c4 Angel Of Demise 0
love it
1/26 c4 1GreekfanFT
I just know that if your english was better this story would be a masterpiece in the making!

Don't 'listen' to the flames. Continue on improving both your english and your writting skills. Don't give up 'cause some people like to be harsh over their keyboard.

Nice chapter, by the way. I expect to see how Mavis was saved from her coma and why she has such serious health issues.
1/26 c4 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update thank you and can’t wait to read the next chapter update.
1/25 c2 Nunami112
I love this story and i cant wait to see what it does in the future and i really hope that you dont drop it like i have seen many good fics do
1/24 c3 NinjaFang1331
Excellent update thank you and I like how Mavis is released and Natsu is taking care of her.
1/24 c1 NinjaFang1331
Great first chapter
1/21 c3 Guest
A believe someone else wrote a similar story a while back
1/21 c3 rufus264
Started reading this and i like it
1/21 c3 3NightSlayer04
Nice Chapter!~
Great chemistry, and fine pacing...
It basically shows plot holes that is yet to be given, yet is slowly revealed and fixed.
1/21 c3 RabbitHaremLover24
Read the first 3 chapters, Glad the harem route is ready for take off. So far Natsu is with Seliah, Mavis. I know Hisui will be in it I hope Mira, Lisanna, Brandish, Chelia, Dimaria, and Irene will be in it. Hey, Natsu can even woo Selene (The Moon Dragon Goddess). Ultear & Yukino should be in it too. :) Can't wait till the revelation and everyone's reaction to Natsu being guild master and his maturity. :) Keep up the great work, don't stress yourself too much and stay safe from the coronavirus. :)
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