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2/14 c1 fallenhope730
Reposting to prove I said this, but dunno why you claim to "be trying to piss off the haters" when you are clearly the one mad, based on your ever increasing wall of text in your bio. Also, dunno if I ever clarified this either, but I'm one of the peeps anon showed your fic to that found it gross... I was just one of the few that are used to bringing up f'd up shiz to grannies who think they aren't gross. As such, I can 100% verify that anon and guest aren't the same person since I know who anon is personally, talk to them daily. In fact, as I said, I can at the least attest that there are two people, outside myself, with issues with your writing, and probably closer to 3. No one has issues with "not following canon" btw, hell, if you want to be fair, no one follows canon since honestly, in show johnny is a pos more often than not, and roy might as well be a block of wood based on his personality in a lot of episodes with how much they "good guy him up". Johnny is heavily flawed, while Roy has no flaws. Meanwhile fandom shiz makes them both flawless. No, the issue is that you are writing a child grooming story. One in which you star lead role. Something you basically admitted yourself since you said that as a kid you wrote fantasies of characters like roy and johnny raising you... guess that changed to bonking them after puberty. It doesn't matter that it's consensual, since the entire point of child grooming is to groom the child into wanting to have sex with the person grooming them. So yes, your characters are mary sues... because self inserts are always mary sues, and you are literally admitting it's your fantasy to be raised by Roy and Johnny until becoming an adult to have sex with them... and then act like you are surprised that people are offput by your story. As anon has said, you need to keep this stuff to your personal diary. Fetishes aren't meant to be shared. And fyi, neither me or anon are mad, doubt guest was either, since there's no reason to be mad at you. Your stories are gross, and have no place in public, but I highly doubt anyone that actually cares about the show actually thinks Roy and Johnny would do child grooming. Like I said, the fandom has idealized versions of the two anyway, and even canon wouldn't do that.
1/28 c1 7Royslady51
I appreciate the fact that you do apparently have some balls. But, seriously, I'm having more fun pissing people off at this point. Idiots who think they have any business telling me what I can or can't do at my age need rethink that. Not happening. Still, the more you push the more I balk...and really, it's not your prerogative anyway.
1/25 c1 fallenflame728
So, funny story... I have a ton of emails, but never enough to deal with you. See, I've yet to be supposedly "ip-banned", but what I have been is blocked so I can't review, thus forcing me to use more of my millions of emails to make accounts. Why I keep saying I'm over dealing with you, because it's more hassle than worth for someone so up their own butt that they probably haven't smelled fresh air for years. That said, Guest and Anonymous made me decide to come back. Especially Guest, who should be a patron saint for showing up... Thought it was just me and Anon willing to call out this shit. Heck, Guest even got it right that normally, you aren't worth the effort of an account, though in this case, I made another exception to force a review you can't block or remove. At this point, you have three separate people (obviously I can't prove that, but it's true) telling you that your story is a gross child grooming story. That you obvs do care about our posts, since you so aggressively try to deal with them, or launch into a tirade in your bio about them. Interesting fact too, I think Guest is right about child grooming stories being reportable. I've never personally looked into ff's tos, nor has anon, but it would make sense. Too bad this site has virtually no admins, and is basically abandoned by all but the users. Either way, guess I shouldn't be surprised you haven't changed... and more so fully expect a new rant about those dirty liberals trying to ruin your story in your bio. - Your friendly neighborhood fallenflame who isn't ip banned, or afraid to use an account

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