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for Carlisle and Bella's Bogus Journey

4/26 c1 unknown2351830163
Awesome story. I love it. You can join in NovelStar writing contest with a theme "WEREWOLVES" Prices are amazing!

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3/10 c2 CrydaSeli
Please, update the next capter, please! It is not abandoned, is it?
2/21 c2 Nrrdgrrl87
I’m loving this! It’s such and interesting premise! Please post more!
2/21 c1 Nrrdgrrl87
I’m so excited to read the story! It seems unique!
1/27 c2 Abelia
Poor Bella. And poor Carlisle. Carlisle must be going crazy "She knows my name, so she must know me. Why do I not remember Her?"
1/23 c1 Guest
Are you ever gonna update the kingdom of heaven
1/20 c2 lwolf
Great start to your story please keep going.
1/20 c2 Guest
Interesting. Looking forward to your next update.
1/20 c2 1eeeeaud
This is do bizarre. Love it.
1/19 c2 3allyb1985
Not too bad so far. Looking forward to the next chapter
1/19 c2 LaurelLeafSinger
LOL! okay, I just laughed hysterically reading your A/N. And I had thought Bella’s description of Carlisle’s accent, struggle to understand him, and dirty Renfest clothes was funny! Thanks for sharing your story with us. ;-)

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