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for Carlisle and Bella's Bogus Journey

6/3 c2 2Annoy mouse
This has so much potential, I love it.
5/18 c2 11Blueberry and Blacktooth
Haven’t been on ffn in a while, but came around to check on your other postings and saw this gem! This is so fun! Thank you guys for posting, hope to see it on ao3 too!
4/26 c1 aljaira
Awesome story. I love it. You can join in NovelStar writing contest with a theme "WEREWOLVES" Prices are amazing!

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3/27 c2 softrocks
Really love the concept, and the way she wonder why Emmet didnt allready throw on her face steak is hilarious
3/16 c2 3flakeshake07
this is great! cant wait to see where the story goes!
3/10 c2 Nissa-Cullen
This looks like it’ll be good. I’m really hoping we will get more of it soon. I’d like to see how things turn out. How did Bella get there? Why is fake Edward there? How will Carlisle react to all of this?
3/7 c1 UnderlinedSmile
I’m looking forward to the rest of this story!
3/3 c2 18WolfishMoon
This might be the most exciting thing to come out of the New Twilight Renaissance and I am here for it. Thanks for this!
3/1 c2 abaker9
I like this!
2/25 c2 LaurelLeafSinger
Please continue this story! A disheveled, skittish Carlisle and a sharply sarcastic Bella are so much fun to read about. More please!
2/23 c2 4Writter.02
good story keep going
2/18 c2 Guest
Omg, please never stop this story! This is amazing
2/12 c2 Guest
This is hilarious, love the idea of Carlisle having no clue who she is or why she’s so odd, but still trying to be polite, meanwhile Bella is fed up with what she assumes is a LARP fest haha
2/11 c2 2musme
I like it
2/4 c2 ksyushangel
You definitely do magic here, ahahah
I haven't laughed like that for a long time;) Steak in the face - perhaps this is a very epic moment ...;)
Poor Carlisle, it had to be that way ... Oh, and terrible things happen to him. At first he became a vampire, now out of nowhere a forest monster has occupied his death clearing

I want to see how they get through those moments in between because it's so much fun. And again, despite all the desperation of the situation, the absurdity of what is happening turns everything upside down.
And, surprisingly, it makes everything realistic. Strange but true.

And Edward ... This is simply the best hallucination I have ever met;)

Keep up the good work, you're doing great;)
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