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2/9 c8 13Stripesicles222
Fluff and cuddles. My biggest weakness... I’ve been defeated.

Sad to see we’ve reached the end, but I suppose it was inevitable.
2/6 c5 LRCN
so cuteeeeee so lovelyyyyyyyy the moment Claudine and Maya are alone i love itttttt
2/1 c5 Stripesicles222
And this is the part we’ve been waiting for.
No matter how much angst you throw at me, I can trust you’ll follow it up with an ocean of comfort fluff and adorableness.
1/26 c4 Stripesicles222
I don’t know what it is about your writing, but you can reach this level of immersion where I feel the fear and grief along with the characters. Frankly, that rarely, if ever happens. But since chapter two when the lights went out and Maya stumbled, I’ve been hooked. That level of immersion did not diminish even here when the momentum of the emotional intensity settles into the uncertainty of the aftermath.

Looks like next chapter out top stars will be reunited. Looking forward to it!
1/26 c3 Stripesicles222
I like the point you made about whenever such things happen in books/tv shows you get a time skip. Honestly, the gray area of numb waiting is very likely the worst time of it all. You’d think the tv peeps would monopolize on that. Extra drama buildup, y’know?

That’s the problem with love. You hurt one person, and you emotionally scar the other. You’ve really put the girls through the ringer this time. And it’s only been three chapters! Here’s holding out for a happy ending. Though who knows what sort of torture you’ll put us through before that.
1/26 c1 LRCN
nonono i don't know it's serious injured i mean it just fall from stage because Claudine pushed Maya and light out (i don't mean to blame Claudine okay) because that Claudine keep blaming herself. i think it will just slight injured but well it's still good how you bring the story and her friend supporting her.

p. ssorry for my grammar
1/25 c4 Reijuu
I loved all of the chapters, and I loved how you mentioned that instead of skipping a day, straight to the hospital scene, you showed Claudine what was she feeling, and it made my heart very warm when Hikari and Kaoruko were there supporting her. I enjoy your stories so much ! ! uwu
1/22 c2 Stripesicles222
When you said she fell, I imagined just toppled over backward falling down onto the stage. A little bruising, a slight headache, but all would be fine after a few minutes and getting one's bearings.
But to fall off the stage, being unable to see anything and not knowing when or if you would hit the ground? Even the sudden feeling of have nothing under you at the start of the fall. In the unlikely event that the impact at the end of the fall didn't seriously injure her, she definitely would've been downright terrified, and possibly nervous of heights for a while afterward. But with the inability to brace for impact, and the pained expression and reaction when Claudine found her, I'm going to guess we've got at least a few broken bones on top of the impending phobia.

I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
1/20 c2 LRCN
damn it's better than Claudine ver well 'Follow My Lead' is good too but 'Fall From Grace' is better

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