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for Valkyrie's Shadow

4/22 c35 Guest
Alright this is turning out to be close to pure wish fulfilment. The slow and verbose nature if this story just comes up as pretentious if you strip away the exposition dumps.
4/20 c740 3maskedkeeper
Just driving today and randomly remember about this fic, came to check and now i feel like i messed up. Thanks people for letting me know i can find more on Royal road
1/16 c533 1DeOPOrange
I agree with Guest that Ilyshn'ish does judge alot but those bronze dragons do seem like a really bad thing. The whole "road to hell is paved with good intentions" thing but with the power to crush anything or anyone that opposes them, a completely black and white outlook and no capability to listen to the opinions of others. Every tyrant thinks they're doing whats right, this dragon would just have to power to back it up, like if was able to singlehandedly crush any army and imposed his ideal worldview on the world.
12/18/2023 c1 Zeowolf9
while i don't mind having to continue reading this amazing fic on RR, does anyone know why this fic isn't being updated anymore on FF? ive even checked on AO3 and it is the same issue there. just a sudden drop with no updates. personally, ike ive said i am glad that i an continue reading, but the thing i liked about reading on FF was the tts system used on the app so i could follow the fic while doing something else. i would just like to know why they've dropped the site.
10/11/2023 c1 Nedia The Tormentor
RR is Royal Road
9/7/2023 c740 guest
Maybe FF is .net, but what is RR?
6/26/2023 c740 Gues
For those who is still waiting for an update:
Author scheduled new chapters to be released on RR while he's away. Since FF doesn't support this feature there us no updates (at least) until he returns.
On RR the volume is finished (act 4 is the last one in this volume).
6/11/2023 c740 Guest
Cute yet thrilled to read.
6/12/2023 c740 Zeowolf9
I miss this fic. I know that the fic is still going strong on royal road, and I'm definitely still following, but I miss reading it on FF. I hope someday that this fic will be updated on FF, but until then I'll keep reading on Royal road.
6/11/2023 c740 7Vishvarupam
Keep it, I follow you.
5/26/2023 c740 morganvb
I love your story, i follow you from the start... i with you do other chapiters there...
5/13/2023 c20 KasamiGi
ah, will check it out, thank you sir :D
5/10/2023 c740 NikoTheMad
For those of you who are chomping at the bit for updates, you should be aware that this story is very much still ongoing, just on a different website.
I'm not sure when the author plans to update it here on FF net, but you guys should just go follow this story on Royal Road instead. Google the story title and it should come up. It's honestly a much better platform because of all the opportunity for reader discussions.
5/8/2023 c1 Confused Reader
If this fic is going to be cancelled, you could at least say some words to your audience after 2 years and over M words. Had fun reading and think it's a shame that you'll stop now after expanding the world building so much, but if writing this fic has become something you don't enjoy anymore or is too burdensome, you can at least say something.
5/6/2023 c740 Guest
waiting for the next chapter author san, take care ️
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