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for Under Duress

8/13 c4 Pam11
This was so good I wanted it to keep going. Loved it.
7/4 c4 Maria
An abso-bloody-lutley fantastic story... loved it... really really excellent... Thanks
5/15 c4 Guest
3/28 c4 26Jasmine-N-Leaves
Yeah! Callen back where he belongs. Loved this story Well Done!
3/28 c3 Jasmine-N-Leaves
Knew there was no way he broke Callen. Damaged sure, but not fully destroyed. Well Done! Thoroughly enjoyed this story.
2/22 c4 Vadercat
Good story, looking forward to your next one and happy to see another Sam/Callen writer, they are so few.
1/26 c3 Guest
Wow! This is an intense story, but fascinating. Looking forward to reading more.
1/25 c3 trscrny
So many emotions-not just Callen's but mine as well! Great writing. And I love the character of Shawn. He is so good with Callen...except, of course when the paramedics were connecting the electrodes to Callen! I hope there is a way for them to find out exactly what happened to him. Perhaps the monster has it on video? This is a terrific story and I am looking forward to the next chapter for sure. Soon I hope! Whew! I need a rest after this! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.
Stay safe,
1/22 c2 trscrny
This is so intense. At first I didn't think he would really do these things, but then he went ahead and killed his entire team...Now Sam bursts in. Color me relieved and confused and wanting so much for the next chapter to be posted...please!Thank you for sharing...I think!
Stay safe,
1/19 c1 trscrny
I know you warned us, but...yikes! I actually had to take a break from reading this because it is so intense. I like to see Callen as unbreakable and to see him being manipulated and tortured in such a cruel manner is hard to take. But, take it I will because I love your writing and Callen is my favorite NCIS LA character. I just trust that you will have this come out ok by the end! Thank you for sharing.
Stay safe,

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