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for You Bleed Red (Gold in your Heart)

1/25 c1 12NaoSa
Wow! I love this!

The way you wrote this was so smooth, I like that. It kind of draws you in and is like a lullaby (you’re really good at that)

Tbh, I feel like this fandom is so focused on the whole god/demigod thing that we don’t consider others. I mean, as much as I like an OC demigod quest, I especially like these kinds of stories that focus on things that aren’t commonly on spotlight, if that makes sense.

Anyway, amazing job on this!
1/22 c1 4371STRAY1382
This actually is nice I was bored and curious so I checked it out and thought it would have vampires and werewolves in it . The first chapter blew my brain you mentioned annabeth luke thalia and percy right . I do hope you will update I LOVE the book
1/19 c1 1Writer2006
Wow! {In a good way}
1/19 c1 Bella Quill
Wow, Wow, Wow. Beautiful. Wonderful! It just so... hard to describe. Great job.
1/19 c1 11readingbooksforlife
wow, wow, wow. so beautiful. no words. absolutely speechless. wow...i've always loved stories like these. with such a deep feeling. i think everyone needs stuff like this. thanks for writing this.

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