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for Will Love Bloom?

7/31/2022 c1 7Sunrise109
The idea of Hanabi and Konohamaru being a thing is actually quite convincing to me... I wonder if Kishimoto might explore this potential pairing in the Boruto series? O.o

Great work on this Show Me the Love Challenge btw, this was funny to read (I mean, onion farm? mwahaha no wonder Hanabi was confused!) and had a really nice ending :) I liked the banter between Hanabi and Konohamaru, and of course it's a bonus having Neji here in this alternative universe :)
8/5/2021 c1 10AraelDranoth
Hanabi has always had an interesting personality. This was a nice, short and sweet chapter. The onion box was certainly an interesting way to begin things with.

All in all, your writing is on par and this was a very nice contribution fic for International Flower Day. It makes me wonder whether I should contribute one of my own for the next International Flower Day.

Thank you for the chapter.
2/25/2021 c1 3Jac Frust
I always see Neji as the overprotective brother type.
2/12/2021 c1 Green Alba
That was a story the way I loved them. A slice of life with my favourite characters, great characterisation, dynamic dialogues, effortlessly funny. Neji and Hanabi were just perfect. My only criticism? I hate the pairing NejiTen. This is how hard I had to think for a flaw!
Great work!
1/29/2021 c1 4MLLu
This was absolutely sweet! I really enjoyed reading it! It's these kind of stories I have missed reading her eon fanfiction and you always deliver a well written story! Kudos to you. I simply ove the letter Konohamaru wrote to Hanabi. That was a very old-fashioned but sweet and effective letter that can sweep any girl's feet :D Again I can't stress how sweet this story is. Really good job and thank you for establishing another Show Me the Love Challenge :D
1/29/2021 c1 4usagi-no-usotsuki
It was a very sweet romantic piece! I could definitely see it happening in canon :)

I liked the flowers you chose for Hanabi as well as I had never heard of them before and made sure to look them up. Overall, you portrayed the shy romantic type in Konohamaru quite well. The overprotective and soon-to-be-stressed brother Neji was funny to imagine as well.

Thanks for inviting me to the challenge as well!
1/27/2021 c1 38BloodPokemon101
This was so beautifully written. C'mon, Neji! Go visit Tenten! I know the feeling of getting an unknown package. The anxiety of the of whether I should open it or not. Never know if it could be a deadly prank. It could just me and paranoia, but liked receiving packages without warning. So I can get why Hanabi turned the package away. A very sweet ending. Loved it!
1/27/2021 c1 193Lumiere de Venise
I really enjoyed this. Before reading your fanfics I didn’t care about KonohamaruxHanabi but your fanfics really made me see the appeal for the couple and how cute it is. As someone who read your fanfic where Hanabi sets Neji and Tenten up, this somewhat “prequel” to that fanfic was nice as it shows even someone who can set people up like Hanabi can take awhile to make her own romance come to life.

It is nice to see another person who chose a flower based on the name of the character receiving the flowers, but your flower choice by far is more unique and thought out. I didn’t know onion like flowers existed until reading this fanfic. What a clever choice and nod to her name, especially since when you compare it to Ino telling Hinata about the flowers Naruto chose, in both KonoHana and NaruHina’s situations it shows that the male pays more attention to detail then believed and for Konohamaru on how serious he is about having a future with Hanabi.

Neji being alive and the NejiTen hint was sweet and I thank you for going down the cliche route of “Hanabi sees Moegi with Konohamaru and thinks he is gonna be with Moegi instead of her”, I feel your way of writing it to be more in character and realistic for the both of them. Overall, great fanfic, and I thank you for allowing me to do this challenge. Favorited!
1/25/2021 c1 36Mena123
Hola! Amo esta pareja y me encantó encontrar otra escritora que escribiera sobre ellos. Sin duda sus personalidades hacen una gran combinación ¿No crees? Ella divertida y él tan tímido. Me pareció una confesión muy tierna y bella. Por más que tuve que traducirla para leerla (no hablo ingles, aunque creo que es obvio por este comentario) me saco más de una risa. Realmente estoy muy muy emocionada de encontrar otra escritora de KonoHana. Espero que podamos compartir historias entre nosotras. La mía se llama "Señales" y la encuentras en mi perfil, así que si gustas te invito a leerla y decirme que te parece.

PD: Lo siento por complicarte con el idioma. Ojalá puedas entender mi comentario.

PD2: Ame a Neji sobre protector y amo aún más el NejiTenten

1/24/2021 c1 15naash
First off, I can't believe you had doubts about this story. It's amazing. I'm so grateful for the nejiten hints and that you kept him alive.

I really love the banter and family dynamic of neji, hinata and hanabi. I honestly laughed. All of them had their own personalities which you captured perfectly.

You've shown time and time again that you're a versatile writer and how you can write different genres

Thanks you for this story

1/23/2021 c1 26mississippimudpiecraves
I definitely enjoyed this! Though I did not know that Konohamaru and Hanabi were a thing! I am definitely not up to date! lol. How interesting that both you and Yengirl had Hinata and Naruto's wedding mentioned in your stories! I had hoped their wedding would be part of the anime. Anyway, I like how silly both Hanabi and Konohamaru were! How Hanabi did not even bother to look inside the package and sent it back! Poor Konohamaru! And how Hanabi was then whining about Konohamaru not making any moves when all along... lol. How overprotective Neji was. I am glad you included him in the story. And I like how Hanabi used his feelings toward Tenten to make him back off. lol. It was also very sporting of Moegi to help Konohamaru even though she wanted to also find her own date to the wedding. Also how funny was it that the delivery box made its way back to Hanabi, poor deliveryman! Of course, I adore how the confession scene went and the sisterly scene at the end. Hinata's thoughts at the end made me giggle. Wonderful story :)
1/20/2021 c1 18AirashiSakura
Finally, you posted. I remember you nervous about writing something and here you go, girl! I loved how Hanabi and Konohamaru got close. I wish if they can be together in the future. I love how their love for Boruto is exactly similar!
Thank you for organising SMTL challenge and thank you for writing a beautiful AU. Oh yes, I would have loved to see Neji. Also, thank you for inspiring us to write more :)
1/19/2021 c1 187YenGirl
Yay, you posted your story at last! *pounces on it* And as always (despite your deprecating remarks about it) it’s hilariously entertaining and I was left grinning from start to finish at all the potential pitfalls and possible misunderstandings!

Great minds think alike – you referred to Hinata’s upcoming wedding too! High five! And now, onto the chapter!


Onions? ONIONS? Now as a home cook, I appreciate onions as much as anyone who has a stew or a curry to cook but they are SO not romantic! Pfft! *snickers* Besides, Hanabi has never struck me as the domestic kind of kunoichi unlike Hinata who’s a good cook in canon.

So why do I have a feeling it’s just a mix up? *grins* And that poor Konohamaru’s box of flowers and a note has somehow been delivered to a restaurant or eatery who’s sadly finished their stock of onions? Maybe it went to Ichiraku and old Teuchii is scratching his head at a box of flowers and wondering how to cook that in ramen!

And as for Neji (I can’t recall exactly why he’s still alive post Fourth Great Ninja War but I’m VERY HAPPY HE IS!) He’s… taking his aniki role very seriously. A bit too seriously if you ask me. *sighs*

Unless Uncle Hiashi has specifically ordered him to tail his precious daughters around (who are perfectly capable to kicking butts when needed), there’s no need to be overly protective! Naruto’s a sweet young man who won’t do anything untoward to his fiancée except send her flowers! So lovely! As for Hanabi… well, she can definitely take care of herself. And by the way, Konohamaru is also a sweet and shy young man. Very hot looking dude too *coughs*

Back to Neji – hah, good thing Hanabi knows about his crush on Tenten. The Konoha 12 members are definitely feeling the romance in the air even if they pretend it’s just to find a date for the upcoming NaruHina wedding!

And here we have that scene at last – I’m SUCH A SUCKER for those miscommunication scenarios resulting in mixed signals and hurt feelings and I LOVE the scene where it all comes out and things are explained and hurt feelings are soothed and better still, romantic feelings returned *squeals*

Oh, my mistake. That box with the onion label WAS for Hanabi after all. Well, who knew onions have flowers? Not me, I only knew onions have layers! XD

Hah, I knew that delivery boy was curious, I’d be too if I didn’t have a front seat to enjoy the romance unfolding before my eyes!

Konohamaru is such a sweetheart – his shy note said it all and his ‘Yours if you’ll have me’ slayed me right in the feels! *happy sigh*Loved that scene of him catching her around the waist and twirling her around!

And I couldn’t help giggling along with Hinata – Neji is indeed going to have his hands full. Very full. So if he doesn’t mind some good advice, he should just leave his female cousins to their guys and think of how he can get a certain weapons mistress to be his own date for the NaruHina wedding!

This was such an enjoyable tale. I have no idea what you were worried about. In fact, I think a sequel or two would be a nice follow up… such as Konohamaru on his knees and planting the onions only to see a shadow falling over him and looking up to see Neji or Hiashi squinting at him!

Thanks for hosting this challenge and for inviting me to be a part of it!

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