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for All You Wanna Do (Is Brag About Kyoko)

2/8 c2 Setsu.love.cain
Jajajajaja, me parecio muy linndoo, que kuon haya puesto en el comentario "kyoko-sama", estuve rodando en la cama de lo lindo que seria al imaginarlo, fue muy cutie
2/8 c2 RukiYuki
Ohh awww I love the it's baka part
2/8 c2 8cardgirl91
I loved the chapter. Now my imagination is running wild on how Kanae will react to the idea of her and Kyoko being in a relationship.
2/8 c2 5miss mika namariya
Wow! This is so, so cute! I am very slow, I just put together that Kyoko is in a musical (the Henry VIII one, wow I am SO slow, was I asleep reading the last chapter)? But I love that for her. Also, I really love how you set up the QA, it felt very natural (like the live-stream was happening as I was reading), good choice to omit all the "Kyoko saids". I really liked the Sho explanation and how she's clearly over it (now that she's with Kuon), the character growth we all want to see! Also, I loved seeing Kyoko navigate the more tricky parts of being a star when questions come up that she can't quite be truthful about.

Highlights: all the usernames, the attitude of everyone on the forums (the theories and especially the end about people going in circles made me lol), that 'let me distract you' exchange that had Kuon's (and all of our?) hopes up (Kyoko how dare you!) (but also I love it), and a really delightful concluding paragraph.

- between ShogasinTogas and Sunny gems, I think there is a type for whatever verb you meant to use for Kyoko playing with her necklace? Or my vocab is bad/I am not up on all the cool slang you kids are using nowadays
- did you mean to omit the username for whoever is badmouthing Kyoko? I couldn't tell if that was a mistake or it was intentionally left blank so we could fill in the blank as readers.

This was so fun to read, I can't wait to read them both back to back (I can tell I'll be rereading in the future)
2/8 c2 7Tloakk
Awesome. 3 3 3

Lovely and cute.
And the internet man ohhh man lmfao. The internet is *dangerous*. They would have figured that shit *out* if Kuon waited too long to go public.
2/8 c2 3Kaname671
Hahaha wonderful I loved the fan chatter and Kuu-sama’s reaction. So adorable with Kuon behind the scenes filtering Tsuruga comments for his own desires...lol. I loved it, thanks for sharing!
2/7 c2 6serp0517
Omg I LOVE this. But like apart of me wants to see how the fans react after the reveal. It be pretty funny in my opinion and I’d love to see that. But I completely understand if you don’t want to continue author. Ya probably got other projects to work on, and if left like this, it adds this extra layer of imagination into your work.

Point is, Good work
2/7 c2 5nnjvz
Aww so cute! I love Kuon being her stream moderator. Thanks for the extra chapter!
(Also, I think you are missing one of the forum names again.)
2/7 c2 AmberleyRose
I don't usually leave comments but this was really fun and I really looked forward to reading the 2nd part when I saw that it wasn't a one-shot. If you do happen to continue the story please write the reveal but you don't have to if you don't want to and it was excellent what was written. I never really pictured Kyoko as one from six but I love the thought. Thank you.
2/7 c1 1Maui0murice
I just about DIED at those fan's usernames! LMAO they're fantastic
1/31 c1 11Guineapigs1
Omg this was so cute! I love the idea of them matching outfits to test the waters with how the public would take their relationship.
1/28 c1 1Yujiro101
Ahhhh! This needs to be a series! write more chapter please
1/26 c1 3Kaname671
a FREAKEN dorbs! Can't help bragging about our girl! Thanks for being selfish again, Clara!
1/22 c1 13KeiraNL234
1/21 c1 Leilasecrets
I like this fun little oneshot. Definitely think it was a smart idea to ease the public into it. And love that the hizuri men are competing to brag. Very wholesome. Thank you
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