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for All You Wanna Do (Is Brag About Kyoko)

1/21 c1 valie france
Trop mignonne cette histoire , j'adore ! MERCI de tout coeur pour ton récit ... étant une pure Fan j'aimerai que le récit dur longtemps longtemps :)
1/20 c1 RukiYuki
Aww how cute
1/20 c1 5miss mika namariya
So cute! I always need some good Kyoko and Kuon fluff. And I loved the inclusion of all the fan comments (especially the usernames), hopefully that was as fun to write as it was for us to read!
1/20 c1 H-Nala
They should totally do this more often.
1/19 c1 4Annabella Prinx
Ahhhh this is so cute and adorable. It just made my day! I can totally see them doing something like this. Thank you for posting this. I loved it!

Rose xx
1/19 c1 5nnjvz
Adorable! I love the idea of them subtlety matching for months, too cute.
Also, I burst out laughing at the blog usernames, such great choices you went with! (Although one seems to be missing?). Thanks for the fluff!
1/19 c1 7Tloakk
I came here for this story. And I loved it. So cute! ️

And lmao yessssss to the fans!

P.S. I have been following you on FFnet for 6 years now lol. Just noticed. I mean I’ve been on and off active, but it’s still amazing. :)

I noticed bc I finished this story (new story alert) and then I was like ‘who wrote this?’ And I went up and I was like ‘ah. Claraowl. Of course.’ And then I was like hm. That’s some name recognition. Must have been following them for a long time. Yep.
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