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for Code Geass: The Golden Dragon of the Rebellion

2/27 c3 5DarkChaosDragon00
not bad at all
2/5 c3 MahesvaraST
Yo, where's the Akame ga Kill characters? Btw, nice story so far!
1/23 c3 blazes207
so far so good you got me hooked thank you
1/23 c2 blazes207
Not bad at all thanks for the update
1/23 c1 blazes207
interesting read so far like it
1/23 c3 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter glad you updated, a blue geass is great cause it’s not common in stories plus it’s better to heal and destroy geass around him by will unless it’s something else), I believe I have a final addition for geass girls so it won’t be too big, the Chinese child empress looks better future paired with her guardian:

Nunnally: she’s not that common used and lulu isn’t the MC plus I figured Alex is the only man lulu can trust around nunnally (besides orange boy obviously), she inherited he mom intelligence and people reading especially with her blindness and cripple form strengthening her senses so it’s a good opportunity to include her inside of making her just a pretty face and glorified prisoner.

Maria and Alice Shaing: I hated how they were sacrificed for hyuga death fetish and they are canon minor girls so no one can complain about their romance build or they being kinda OOC, I’m personally grey about both mother and daughter being in harem cause I seen it a lot sometimes without warning so if you don’t want Alice I’m fine with it.

Anya, Liliana and Marika: Valkyries are completely devoted to their king so I believe its more symbolic to have them all as mistresses than being love separated plus their love and absolute devotion should make them the best team rivaled by Kallen and Lunamaria tag ream.

Marrybell and Oldrin: she’s similar to Euphy but more mature and called the first massacre princess (willingly accepted it) so her loyalty to empire isn’t absolute, she will attack the nights to officially retrieve the Valkyries and personally talk with zero and Euphemia about the scandal, I originally thought about instead of Valkyries getting captured they will attack zero with marrybell then agree with her to privately meet zero and Euphemia but I decided that’s too much pressure on the knights even if W-0 helped them.
1/22 c3 60Perseus12
It won't be long a new rebellion will be spark on Japan not Area 11, the Black Knights will be reborn from the ashes of defeat and humiliation. The Titans that slumber beneath the Earth will be awaken once again to cleanse the Earth from Holy Britannian Empire. I'll wait to read the next chapter.

"At my signal, Unleash Hell!"

-Hispano-Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius, Gladiator 2000 movie
1/22 c1 Mufalan
Nice story. I just hope the story will actually finish instead of left unfinished. I like AZ23AJs stories. Just too Much unfinished stories.
1/22 c1 Turboranger
Hey I wonder who will lelouch make his return after getting his memory back along with finding out 1 of his friend aka alex/black Ninja/New zero now leading the black knight while lelouch was away after he got his memory rewrite by charles and VV
1/21 c1 Guest
1/22 c2 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter, I’m thinking you should replace euphy dress cause it’s too obvious and give her eye mask, I thought the black knight core girls being safe is cliche but realized that tohdo will actually sacrifice himself (and his knights will stubbornly follow) to make sure the three girls survive, kaguya represent Kyoto and is an intelligent strategist plus the symbol of victory, Kallen is their hero and ace since their foundation, and rakshata is the head scientist and the only one to surpass earl “budding”, here’s the link for Black/Pink Empress Euphemia (since Kallen is Red Queen) without eye mask that she will wear:

. /url?sai&urlhttps%3A%2F% .com%2Fspinoinwonderland%2Fart%2FEmpress-Euphemia-538327577&psigAOvVaw1pd8k1ykMif0P9tEPjexHT&ust1611402769310000&sourceimages&cdvfe&ved0CAIQjRxqFwoTCJDx2aK9r-4CFQAAAAAdAAAAABAP
1/21 c2 Perseus12
Ohohoho~, I'll wait to see/imagine the Titans' awaken to the world from their slumber, where the arrogant and selfish Britannians thinking that the Titans are myths but they are dead WRONG and they will see REAL LIVE Titans on their doorstep. I'll wait to read the next chapter.

"Long live the king."

-Alan Jonah, Godzilla: King of the Monsters
1/20 c1 Perseus12
A new revolution is about to spark and the Holy Britannian Empire will know the meaning of FEAR! I'll wait to read the next chapter.

"Times change."

-Garrosh Hellscream, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor cinematic trailer
1/20 c1 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter, I thought your another author cause you use Alex in code geass story, I love that your pairing Euphemia with him cause she’s overused with the petty traitor, since geass harem is open I would love to request Milly, Cecile, Monica, Leila and Anna, since gundams are involved I want Alex to have strike freedom with improvements like ten wings, better power source, better metal and perfect zero system but if you already decided what unit he will use then I’m ok.
1/20 c1 Kenrio
The first chapter already raised my expectations extremely high

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