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6/7 c6 Guest
More please
5/30 c6 Guest
Write more already
5/26 c6 Dylan
Please write more already
4/22 c6 Julie Wells Thomas
Right more
4/8 c6 Guest
What a bunch of utter assholes.

They say they're lying, all the while having proof they're not, and still have the nerves to punish them when what they did was their faults.

Being killed is simply karma.
4/2 c6 Guest
Please write more
3/21 c6 Guest
To the Guest below:

Rogue Idols? Do you even know how hard it is to make on in the Lore? Skarsnik doesn't have nearly enought rescources, forces and magic to create an actual Rogue Idol!
3/15 c6 Guest
Well there all fucked also does snarsnik have any rouge idols?
3/7 c6 Guest
Ya please write more
3/6 c6 Guest
The King won't do anything. That femboy fop only gets involved when his own Precious sister is in danger.
3/4 c6 Guest
You think the guild will deliver them now
3/2 c6 3Xerzes
Well, R.I.P. Cow Girl.

In reply to the review Don Orbit made, that basically is how Goblins became a problem in the world of Goblin Slayer to begin with, in combination with the fact they also only were a frontier threat at best. Or at least that is the excuse many Adventurers make if you believe some of the theories fans make.
2/23 c6 27Don Orbit
Okay now the guild was just actively trying to be stupid. There's a large difference between being ignorant of a problem as it means to voluntarily ignore something and actively trying to be stupid for the sake of stupidity. Sure, unbelievable as it is, but for crying out loud they have a priestess can detect lies and if the Alchemist just told them that she had not made any for that mission or used them as Skarsnik took her bag, all of this could be avoided. But no.
Okay, at this point I'm honestly done with that frontier town. Given that we know that Monk was with the last wagon that left the place, we all know what's going to happen next and I for my part am glad that that's the case. Now they really just deserve being krumped. I don't know who will die in this WAAAGH! of the few adventurers of interest there, but I can't really say I care anymore. They got it coming now.

Well Cow Girl, looks like you waited too long. As did your uncle to actually have that serious talk with you. Well at least he did before he died, even though his argument of having women around him (of which one looks like an underaged girl and the other is more than 2000 years old) was probably invalid given Goblin Slayer's fixation on killing goblins.
Honestly though, I'm not even sad that she died. I haven't followed the manga or read the light novel, so I don't know if she had any narrative value in the future following the Goblin Lord and Sword Maiden story arcs. However, she was basically just a piece of backstory for Goblin Slayer in form of a childhood friend.
Other than that I don't know if she as a character ever became important for the story itself. And since she wasn't in what I've seen in the story so far other than potentially being an anchor to keep Goblin Slayer from going fully insane her death is nothing to be sad about. In fact, it is more a moment to rejoice that her death might actually be her only action that will contribute to the story.

So Skarsnik is using scorched earth tactics. Wow. This is actually a smart thing to do. Cutting off supply lines, setting crop fields on fire and killing livestock would significantly weaken larger settlements that have no means of self-substantiation. Coupling this with the goblin's way of war which is using their cunning, but brutal guerrilla warfare tactics, makes them actually an existential threat against any nation in that form. And Gobbla will eat well tonight. Yes, yes, feeding people to Gobbla is a very Skarsnik thing to do.
Not sure if the wood elves can be done like that unless some larger squids eat the trees, but humanity has the disadvantage. Dwarfs already will be in a tight spot as they both prefer caverns to live in. Lizardmen probably will use their own home advantage against these invaders.
Mankind however just got themselves a WAAAGH! An' a propa one at that!
'Ere We Go! 'Ere We Go! 'Ere We Go! WAAAGH!
2/23 c5 Don Orbit
I can literally hear Skarsnik cursing over Swordsman's accusation that he's preparing for a WAAAGH! to end all WAAAGH!s. Stupid grot brain gots no idea wat 'e's tolkin bout.
Monk was still really stupid. As in willingly soiling ones underwear stupid. I get distrust is a thing after everything, but rationality seems to really be a rare occurrence within the minds of sentient beings within that realm. That would probably only make the Warp in that world even more chaotic than it already is.

Nature itself: *Tries to kill of the greenskins*
Greenskins: We'll devour you m8.

Mother Nature: *openly cheats to give Druid a better chance of survival* Why do I hear boss music?
Gorkamorka: *literally smashes through the fabric of reality* WAAAGH! *proceeds to split into Gorka and Morka and fighting everything in sight, including one another*
Tzeentch in the background: All according to plan. [holy shit stay away perchance]
2/23 c6 Haunted Reader
Any other time they'd believe the priestess but all of a sudden no? Some investigation that was. Karma is gonna bite guild girl real hard methinks.

And yeah, I just appreciate when a Warhammer Fantasy/40k writer actually includes proper strategy and tactics in their writing. It really adds more weight to the story.
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