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for Daddy's Little Devil

5/3 c3 Lechuzape
I love this!
4/30 c3 1Faranon423
Protecc the girl. Protecc her. Also, holy cow. The yandere is getting a bit strong.
4/30 c2 Faranon423
bdkdjfyahxkfldvsvfic ONCE AGAIN, the fluff has defeated me! aaaaaaaagdbchwvsbckabz
4/30 c1 Faranon423
shckevafxucjfj this is adorable! I love it! The fluff is already looking promising.
4/28 c3 Otagema
I am feeling the yandere rn...The story's great and unique.
4/21 c3 19NeoNazo356
Loved the Hellsing Ultimate Abridged references. I kinda thought Baldur's tattoos would get more of a payoff, but a one-sided beating's good too. As for the Brother Gods, I wonder what'll happen to them. The God of Light (and the Catholic Church) had already earned Naruto's wrath, so I hope the Dark Brother has a little more sense to leave things alone...
4/21 c3 darkwolfz
hope for more
4/19 c3 BIgfans69
damn this was awesome and so wholesome. Baby Salem is so fucking cute!
4/18 c3 Azrael237
I actually love this story. Little Salem is too cute.
4/17 c2 KingAllen
Idk where you get that misconception but the sun mark in Naruto hand is only serve to used as a Chibaku tensei other than that it’s useless.
4/15 c3 Pabs117
The chapter was great.
4/14 c3 1False sense of insanity
quite a good read can not wait to see what happens next
4/14 c3 Jondoe0321
I’m interested to see where this goes
4/13 c3 79YeagerMeister31
This was cool a nice fight well slaughter more like but whatever, I can't wait for more.
4/12 c3 Crimson Riot 01
Pequeña Salem es la mejor Salem
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