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2/28 c8 418AndAllThatMishigas
This is so perfect! He made her breakfast! He showed up on the morning of their wedding to promise not to look at her and to be the most adorable lovesick puppy! Their love is just so beautiful and so very earned. You captured that beautifully and perfectly here. My heart is very full.
2/28 c7 AndAllThatMishigas
Yessssss I am so weak for musings about found family. And this is such a beautiful lovely time for them, their first New Years as husband and wife and surrounded by these people they love so much and who mean so much to their lives.
2/28 c6 AndAllThatMishigas
This soft comfort is so perfect. I love his amorous teasing while she does the dishes. I love their nice little cuddle as they finally discuss the horrible events of the day. And I love where they end up, happy and loving and wonderful.
2/28 c5 AndAllThatMishigas
This yearning is so much. It’s so beautiful and this word you’ve found for them is so perfect to describe these moments between them. One day, they’ll be ready.
2/28 c4 AndAllThatMishigas
Ohhhhh it hurts. I’ve always loved describing Lucien as tactile, and it’s so true. He likes to touch and connect to people through that, and having to tell him to stop something that is so in his nature is so painful. They are separated but in plain sight. It’s so awful and you captured that aching pain so beautifully here.
2/28 c3 AndAllThatMishigas
This is so perfect for Jean. This beautiful pride and love she has in all of her domestic tasks. It’s sometimes hard for us looking back to a different time to feel that same sort of affection for chores, but there’s a very nice romance in simple tasks. Of course Jean is too pragmatic to think of it so poetically, but she does enjoy her domestic work because it is an expression of her love for the people she lives with and ugh I just love that.
2/28 c2 AndAllThatMishigas
I don’t know that I’ve ever read anything from this angle before, the anticipation of Lucien’s return. I love the way her exuberance and excitement at his homecoming makes her perhaps drift a little more into her affection for him than she might have otherwise allowed at this point in their relationship, and it works perfectly here.
2/3 c6 6MissusH
It bothers me so much that we didn’t get to see more of this explored in the show. Thank you for writing it out because it was a pleasure to read and imagine,
2/3 c3 MissusH
I love how happy she is!
1/24 c8 37seven dragons
This is so beautiful!
1/24 c5 seven dragons
I love this. If only Jean had gone for it! Also a language that has one living speaker? That’s impressive research.
1/24 c8 17MandalaMarigold
Where to begin!? All of the words, all of the meaning, all of the emotion captures this couple perfectly. (And Dor.. on! That was brilliant... the hardest, but the second best part of season 4... you nailed it!)
1/24 c8 22YesMadamePresident
This was beautiful and romantic! The way they spoke through the door, joined hands through the crack in the door, and when she RAN to him my heart couldn't take it! Loved all of this, every word and every chapter.
1/24 c7 YesMadamePresident
Bless our little found family! Love love LOVE the way you did the countdown with the paragraphs/moments in between. Lovely!
1/24 c6 YesMadamePresident
This one might be my favorite! Comforting each other, cuddling together, the mutual understanding that they are everything to each other...*chef's kiss*
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