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5/5 c5 Guest
I love this story! Continue, please!
3/11 c5 Alternativetie3
Damm, this was a great read. Hope you continue it one day
1/10 c5 1Yurei Kyosuke
is this still on going?
5/17/2021 c5 Guest
Wow great job! I LOVE how you describe Pein in the village and the academy. I can't wait to see how the story will be
4/2/2021 c5 8sayaka uzumaaki
I feel like your story just got way more interesting , Is Noriko a reincarnation of Konan .
3/31/2021 c1 7jh831
Im curious, could naruto sneak out of the village and get a letter to konan wxplaining whats going on? He could also start his network through her
3/30/2021 c5 TatsuTota
I did not see Konan being resurrection coming though I probably should have. That will definitely make things interesting if it fully happens that way.
3/17/2021 c4 lil
love it, great job. Mmm, hmmm... I can't wait to see how this unfolds.
hope to see you update soon
3/11/2021 c4 jh831
Im curious to see what he tells people about skipping the tree climbing and go for water walking
3/3/2021 c4 Guest
I love how Nagato is still Nagato. He still works for the same goals even if his situation changes. There is so much room for this story to develop. I am very excited to see is. :)
3/4/2021 c4 8sayaka uzumaaki
I see what you meant about who the New Konan would be , but unfortunately it looks like Nagato's plan to not get involved with other clans just went down the drain since he caught the attention of Shikaku.
I can't help but wonder how things will go when Nagato meets with Jiraiya , though I know it won't happen for a long time .
3/3/2021 c4 TysonG
Nice chapter. With the way nagato seems to be progressing in guessing hes going to be put up for early graduation. Also with the uchiha massacre not happening yet and his plans to kill danzo will he manage to stop the massacre in time or will it be too late. Looking forward to the next chapter.
3/3/2021 c4 16Blackbird0
This is amazing! I really hope he will make friends with Itachi soon, I remember the scene of the two of them during the Fourth War, I think they actually did get along very well :D
3/3/2021 c4 Rain Sennin
This story is awesome but the only thing I really dislike is the fact that you are giving so much importance to a character (Noriko) we don't even know the appearance of when there are many other more interesting ones you could use from canon or introduce from Shippuden even at this time to make it AU.

Other than that, everything is pretty good and well written.

Thanks for the chapter.

Have a good day.~
2/23/2021 c3 Zyphrost
I love the premise; it’s definitely unique. Consider a more descriptive summary? I feel like this story could generate a lot more traction than it’s currently getting with a summary that’s less vague.

Excited to see where this goes!
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