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for And the World Shall Tremble

5/14 c1 12Gold Testament
Now that was an awesome twist to the traitor Izuku conspiracy.
5/12 c1 23bajy
*Laughing hysterically* XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
4/7 c1 8jeffery.gerbermartin
hehehe! funny how you did this one-shot! XD
2/4 c1 5Fox Boss
I would love to see this become a thing, like Nezu is solving a mystery case and runs into Midoriya, who is also at the scene, due to it being on the way home to/from his school and overhears Izuku making various comments on the heroes and things that he's also noticed at the crime scene, but none of the other heroes have. After learning about his natural analytical skills, he takes Izuku as a pseudo-apprentice.
1/30 c1 2SuccubusQueen100
Hehe I like it, there not many stories of Nezu having Deku under his wing.
1/22 c1 Jenny
I love this, wish it was canon. But not going lie I saw the ending coming.
1/22 c1 17duskrider
Nice I enjoy mentor nezmu.
1/22 c1 67sgtwist
There's a typo. You spelled "protect" wrong. Hopefully, you can fix that.

Such a good fanfic, man have been on fire lately with its good fics.

I wouldn't mind fanfic where Nezu takes Izuku under his wings instead of All Might. That would be an interesting retcon.
1/21 c1 4Ironmchfn
You created a monster Aizawa
1/21 c1 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Heh, poor Aizawa. Another reason to stay awake all night.

Keep the good writing.
1/21 c1 1Master DK
I wish their were more of these Nezu finds the notebooks and then eye flash and chaos ensues lol
1/21 c1 57Foxsky Harem Emperor 2015
Saw this tittle first thing that came to my mind, was Izuku with white beard’s power.
1/21 c1 1willowskeith
To be fair most of the sus-traitor izuku stories have all might away either by coincidence or sent away because he was too close to Izuku so he can't vouch for izuku.
1/21 c1 10Plumalchemyst
I don’t get the abandon Lucy plots

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