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4/13 c14 mrs. morgan 35
More please
2/23 c14 Arianna Le Fay
yay a new dragonpup :D i love it
and i think dany as the villian is a better choice
especially with twyla having her family , her home , her son , her lover, her people love
cant see her accepting twy when she will be jealous of everything she has
2/22 c14 Hitman
Robb and alys karstark or a manderly would probably be za best. Jon would need to marry both twyla and dany to unite claims and za north to za south. (Assuming canon follows and loras is killed at za sept.) (Would be a sticky wicket if loras survived)
2/21 c13 LeeMit531
I'm loving the story so far, you write it beautifully. I can't wait to read more. X
2/20 c13 Arianna Le Fay
i am so happy to see the stark reunion :D
honestly i cant see these wolves bending the knee to this fucking mad stag
and i hope it doesnt happen
and about robb and dany i understand the desire to have another wolf and dragon pairing
but robb and dany are too alike , both have a temper and will choose their wants over their duties
so no better give robb another love maybe a northern so he could unite the northern houses again
2/20 c13 psychosae
What if Ygritte and Robb get together?
2/17 c12 sunfyre13
really enjoying your story cant wait to see how it all turns out. I love jon/oc stories.
2/17 c12 guest
did catelyn die at the twins?
2/17 c12 Arianna Le Fay
yay they are going to jon
soon we will have a reunion
2/17 c8 Guest
Twyla - the older fraternal twin or the younger fraternal twin?

Robb - the older fraternal twin or the younger fraternal twin?
2/17 c1 5Time Parad0x
Someone has to explain to me why the OC wasn't the one Stark girl married to Joffrey?

She is the firstborn daughter after all, and is just a scant few years younger than him most important of all she has already flowered Sansa on the other hand has not -
and that is a really important distinction.

And it needs a reasonable explanation - after all, Ned hasn't betrothed his heir and that is the one with which you start making betrothals for barring special circumstances like a war ... and from there you go and look at whole else you can marry your children to form alliances ...

Edit: Having skimmed the story -

It is just mind-boggling how having her married to the Tyrell heir has no consequences whatsoever in regards to the alliances during the war of the five kings -
Let me put it this way - Joffrey killed Ned Stark who happens to be the father of the future Lady of Highgarden - if the Tyrells don't band together with the North in this case they are telling the realm - we don't fucking care to which family our children are married to ... with which our grandchildren share blood ...

With that they spit on everything why such marriages are arranged in the first place - it is about alliances ... and they just ignored one ... that wouldn't go down with Westeros in general and especially with their bannermen and canonically the Tyrells are the one Lord Paramount with the weakest hold on their lands and titles ... they couldn't allow themselves to act that way or Tarly would just oust them ...

to put it plainly - it can't be and shouldn't ever happen that a Stark married to the Tyrell heir has no bearing whatsoever to the plot wherein canon such an alliance wasn't made ...
it should have far-reaching consequences and failing that - it is sad to say - but you seem to lack a vital understanding of the source material you are writing a fanfic for ...
2/16 c12 psychosae
Yup. I love it! Can’t wait for them to meet back up with Jon! Will Ygritte live?
2/14 c11 Arianna Le Fay
noooooooooo dont kill twyla and her child
why give the warning if nothing changes
2/13 c10 Arianna Le Fay
does it mean you wont kill robb or at least the house stark wont fell because off those traitors?
because i love the idea of twyla as queen
2/13 c10 vulcran
the red wedding is like the launch of the Titanic I wouldn't mind watching but not be a part of!
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