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for My Future Depends on You

6/17 c1 Eilil
That was very cute!
5/10 c1 3Dj19
Not bad
2/3 c1 54ViolaMoon
Oh poor, silly, jealous Draco! This story is lovely and brings out a side of Draco, I rarely see in Dramione fics. I love how in character Hermione is and of course she would be livid! I think you fulfilled the prompts well, I especially love the cushion which seems to have a life of it’s own. Your story has good pacing and it is easy to lose yourself in the story. My one criticism would be that the last paragraph doesn’t make much sense to me - the obstacle to overcome part. Maybe I just missed something but it could have done with a bit more explaining. Otherwise a fantastic story and I look forward to seeing where you go with this!
1/28 c1 5Bella Sentil
I like it. It's quaint, and cozy. Very nice.
1/23 c1 SmileSimplify
Awww... This was funny! :D Was the sentient sofa cushion only making a cameo... or a regular guest appearance?
1/22 c1 James Birdsong
Good story
1/22 c1 Guest
1/22 c1 Guest
Cute fic
1/22 c1 37DrarryMadhatter
I really loved this story. I think you made really creative use of the investigation theme and I loved the cushion heirloom as your invented method of transportation. I also think you managed to include the spirit of the quote prompt really well. To be honest, I spat out my coffee onto my laptop when reading that part. Of course, Draco would focus on the "I'm a rose" part and not the rest of what she had said! I do feel like the word prompt "stuffing" could have been used a bit more strongly. You do mention it but I feel like it's over a bit too quickly.

Overall, I feel like you did really well. I think Hermione's characterisation was spot on, especially with her suddenly appearing in Draco's office when he tried to run once he had been caught.
1/22 c1 214QuickSilverFox3
I do love how you write these two so much, and this story was another excellent one! I really enjoyed how you showed them being good at communicating at the end, but at the same time subject to normal human pitfalls like jumping to conclusions and mindless bickering.

The little detail about Hermione being able to spot his footsteps on the carpet and her keeping his monogrammed (XD) tie close to her was so lovely!

For constructive, it would have been nice to see a bit more of Hermione's parents reaction to having a man (who is later revealed to be their daughter's boyfriend) suddenly appear in front of them?

But the ending was so sweet, I loved the line "With you? Always." It's such a soft and caring note to end on.

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