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for Bad Dreams

3/5 c1 28bloom-and-grow-forever
Absolutely love the way that you’ve written each sequence, which tells us so much about who Jean is at that time and how she’s changed. Especially that first scene, when she turns to her father for help and comfort, and he tells her it’ll be better in the morning—that just gives us a hint of the person she’ll become, a person who carries on. Truly lovely!
1/31 c1 Mosaika
Good job! I like the way you dive into the past.
Oh, and I like that she came down to calm him down.
1/23 c1 100rahleeyah
Oh I just love this. Each scene a perfect snapshot of her character, building on the one that came before it. Jean's tender heart and her compassion so beautifully woven throughout.

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