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for A Gamer's Guide to Being a Rogue

9/15/2021 c7 Denzel Ramos
Now that the timed part is done. I suggest that you go back so you can loot the crypt Probably, and maybe even claim it like you did the mine.
6/2/2021 c8 Mastersgtjames
Gotta be honest, with the CONSTANT nerfing and ruining of the MC's... Character. It feels like the author is trying to kill interest in the story. I mean, Persistent negative traits gained for having negative relationships with people? The scorn of Hunters, Having people actively slander you? On top of MC having a starting relationship of -20 with everyone but the undead?
6/2/2021 c4 Mastersgtjames
Ugh... did author not keep track of the stats? Last chapter ended with MC having 40 in END. Then this chapter AFTER MC levels up, he has 30 END.
6/2/2021 c3 Mastersgtjames
Seriously? I get the MC only assisted in killing the Captain and her guardsmen, but they were level 61 and 43... MC definitely should have gained more than 2 levels from that.
Also, feel like MC should have a CHA stat if he is ever going to negate/remove that flaw making people distrust him. I mean, clearly END will negate that weak body flaw. Not sure how he is supposed to lose the other one.
4/12/2021 c12 Man Man
Pls update
3/16/2021 c1 1GXVIII
This is the problems with people copying other people's ideas, they don't understand what makes it good. The idea is PERKS and FLAWS not FLAWS and FLAWS. You get good perks and you get the corresponding penalty for it. Makes sense right? Well yours doesn't.
3/16/2021 c1 GXVIII
WOW overcompensation at play, you just. made yourself as tall as LeBron James. He's a giant
3/15/2021 c12 Primarx
so far quite good. unusual game mechanics. relatively slow power gain. these are good points which let's you have this story interesting for a longer time and more universes to use after skyrim.
3/14/2021 c10 Primarx
don't understand the negative attitude towards soul gems idea. it will be something similar to magic gadgets in fairy tail universe for common folk
3/14/2021 c4 Primarx
remembering the placement of bandits is pretty hardcore even for a hardcore player. I found it a bit strange how he doesn't find this strange. there were several typos but otherwise a decent chapter. I like it
3/2/2021 c12 nyanodesu
What's the point of playing as a Rogue if you get penalized for playing as a Rogue? Wouldn't picking the Warrior class with this system be a much better choice then? It's a bit of a weak excuse to nerf your mc's xp gain and/or force him to battle differently. Again, if you don't want him to be a sneaky Rogue and go for easy stealth kills, then what's the point of picking Rogue instead of Mage?
2/24/2021 c12 Guest
50 STR New Perk ?
2/25/2021 c12 Koncor the great
2/24/2021 c12 Jack1nTheBox
that xp decrease for insta kills seems a bit backwards to me. Usually i find it's more effort to go for a stealth instant kill rather than just blast them with magic or chop them to bits with a sword.

That aside, a good chapter, though there wasn't much in the way of plot, grinding is an integral part of being a gamer.
2/24/2021 c12 drakiesan
1st: MC is lame. He is boring, and just plain stupid transmigrator with system, where he basically lost any kind of characteristic traits. He is just another beta simp jap soyboi. Yea yea he brutalized captain... meh. I actually tough he would be evil, sociopath or psychopath... But right now... He just moves on becks and calls of the system without using his own brain.
2nd: The system is just downgraded and lamer version of The Dark Wolf Shiro's one... 2.1 Wtf with those negative reps? It's literally pushing you to be nice to people and be sociable. 2.2 Gacha system DOES NOT work in written... it's just poor mans choice to use crunch when you write yourself into corner. Unless you have literally list of things and dices.
3rd: Being rogue could have been done WAY better. Something more original.
4th: ... waste of time. Literally this novel has NOTHING to offer. Even the fkin name is half-stolen for Dark Wolf Shiro...
5th: Warren, clans, politics... yea sure. Author is barely able to write this prologue (frankly I skipped almost all of the Riverwood. Godfkin boring.
I could tear this more, but I won't waste any more of my time. Bye bye.
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