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2/24/2021 c12 1Darth Xakersta
May seem random but he grabbed the sparks spell in helgin and the mages robes. So why hasn’t he used sparks and with this being more realistic why not have him wear the robes under his armour? Also I think this very well written so far and I look forward to anymore you’ll add.
2/24/2021 c9 Locnar4556
is this a wish fulfilment?...yeah I know evey si is a wish fulfilment... but this one takes the cake
2/24/2021 c8 Locnar4556
the negative rep system... that's new. points to that author
2/24/2021 c8 Locnar4556
some of characters are out of their characters
2/24/2021 c6 Locnar4556
fell in love in one chap...is this gonna be a trend?
2/24/2021 c5 Locnar4556
why didn't faendal tore the letter?
2/24/2021 c4 Locnar4556
he mood swings like a preg lady
2/23/2021 c12 Westrannor
Thanks for the chapter!
2/17/2021 c11 Koncor the great
Shrug the gems of holding interest me I mean while yes it could drastically alter the world there is a lot of fun application.

1. Why send his garuds to the tower I mean champions are a neutral party, if he sent a few of his trusted trained garuds no more than 10 with two companions it just looks like a raid mission.

2. Gem of holding would it preserve food or would there be the complication of the things that live in the dimension.

3. Both the razor and the skeleton key would be far more dangerous than gems of holding and a easy flaw in gems of holding would be the runes and magic needed to maintain a storage dimension. 3.A. Carving runes in any gem to set up a matrix is a incredibly delectable art that even a master of the kraft could easily shatter the gem easily. 3.B. The skeleton key opens all locks seals and restraints it's got the power of absolute unlocking in game that's not a problem but in this kind of fic that's irl you can literally unlock the probability of a enamie being hit by a space rock all physical and conceptual limits are just locks literally look up absolute unlocking on superpower wiki. Point is if those two exist you have no reason to not touch you're gems. 3.C. The razor has the ability to shear anything. Let me explain in the game it's a potential one hit kill in reality it is fundamentally boundary manipulation you can cut the boundaries of life and death to kill or resurect someone you can cut the concept of identity to change it you can cut through time space and dimensions in theory if a future version of him cuts through tome and space to kill the dragon with the razor he killed the Dragon with a knife even if the present him is lying on the ground bleeding out he can then cut through time and space to cut the aspect of injury to make him self better.

4. Personally I think the rep gains are a good enough excuse but the idea of making money would be perfect for the eral to allow him to start a shipment Business in whiterun it would strengthen the economy. Gain access to exports and imports not traditionally available. Rescores from around the world it literally makes whiterun the nutral city one of the most important cities in Skyrim and a neutral place to arrange a peace summit there's a significant amount of story potential on this so instead of cutting it I recommend making it one of the world-altering quests and making it a secret one I mean if whiterun becomes the border between skyrim and the empire the war stops. Ulfric won't last long as high king of skyrim and the puppet queen won't last as leader of imperial skyrim it will all go to white run in the end.
2/17/2021 c11 NazgulBelserion
Meh I'm getting bored honestly it's just I've read most Skyrim Stories and their all the same except for some this one is a bit original but still the same scheme
2/16/2021 c11 buu7
when I read the review about the complaint I was thinking you would make the storage unit like the hammerspace in Fairy Tail
2/15/2021 c11 4DG2
Nice story so far. I hope to see some AU action going on. I can't wait for the next upload
2/15/2021 c11 Dbot15112002
His class is thief, I don't see how money will be a problem, clearing the treasury of 1 or 2 merchant would be easy for him with his inventory and it would set him up for a lot of time.
2/15/2021 c11 Indra Senin
ya know once you become powerful enough u should just ransack Whiterun its what i did in skyrim.
2/13/2021 c10 Slitherx679
Man! This is good. While disappointed he isn’t a mage I’m kinda glad as it’s something different.

Hope he gets something broken from the Gacha but we all know gachas are rigged against free to play players!

Loving this, I’ll see ya next chap, chief!
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