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for A Gamer's Guide to Being a Rogue

2/9/2021 c10 kronos797
you wrote faendal where i think you meant farengar.
2/8/2021 c2 XenoLucifer
Btw, did you even spin for traits? usually what people do is they choose good traits, bad traits, incredible traits, horrendous traits and then just traits that don't really do anything, make sure they're all equal in amounts (example, 20 good, 20 bad, 5 incredible/horrendous and 10 average) then spin for them using a website to make sure they get random.

Your traits look cherry picked, they do not look like generalized good or bad traits spread across each class. Feels like you picked them just to inconvenience a Rogue class character. If you're going to pick his flaws out for him might as well go with a point system like: Choose a flaw, flaw gives points based on severity, use points to get positive traits. That way you can choose instead of being a basic bitch without originality who takes traits seen in every other gamer story.
2/8/2021 c1 XenoLucifer
Man, you really lost me on the whole class argument. "I won't pick mage because no one will teach me" proceeds to pick Rogue which is either the most op or useless class, and who's going to teach him how to be a rogue? I swear to God if your answer is "well, all he has to do is sneak to get the sneak skill" I can just as well say "all he has to do is meditate to get the meditate and Mana control skills".

I don't even mind that he picked rogue(despite it being so boring to read about after 10 stories where 7 of them is the oc becoming invisible due to sneak before the author stops writing) but the reasons why are donkey dodo bad.
2/8/2021 c10 Koncor the great
Hum nice.
2/8/2021 c1 Red's Melancholy
All of those "Traits" he rolled are Flaws, idk why you'd call them traits. Literally everything you've done to the MC has been a forced negative and makes the story cringe and unreadable. Not to mention the overused Weak Body flaw that every fucking gamer fic has now, except you decided to make his permanent and for some reason he just doesn't care. "Oh, all of my physical attributes are now permanently reduced by 50%, guess ill just have use my stat points on DEX." Why are you even writing a gamer fic if you're just gonna nerf everything about him from the start?

To all the incoming readers, save your time and just scroll by.
2/7/2021 c1 Dbot15112002
I don't fucking get it, why in this fucking world will he give them a idea to create semi-fucking-inventory.

He is going to get the reputation anyways, and any rich or noble person having a spatial stone is not going to be helpful to him whatsoever, it's going to be a big god damn hindrance.

I mean you don't just fucking tell them how to create their own spatial rings just because a guy you only met once is sad.

He is a EVIL gamer for god's sake, keep that in your mind while writing.
2/7/2021 c10 AshuraNoKami
If others are able to get an inventory rip off I'm dropping this. Never could like gamers that are just way to helpful. There was absolutely no progress story wise either. So I'm dissapointed on that end. The next few chapters will decide the date of the story for me.
2/3/2021 c9 lucky bastard
like this so far, short chapters, so it was easy to read it all. i feel like the gatcha is very nerfed though.
2/2/2021 c9 Alfa123
Love the story so far hope to see more
2/3/2021 c9 This-Mickey-Seems-Iffy
'No idea how I did this' very silly answer. Just say magic, and I belief in elder scrolls magic can do anything. Magine personal planes is actually canon.
2/3/2021 c9 Koncor the great
He only won 60 gold 60 was his 60 plus 60 equals 120 if he bet 120 he would get 120 as he can't convert his investment in the pot into positive gain he can only gain 120 if someone covered his 60 as a gift.

Other than that it was fun.
2/3/2021 c9 Jack1nTheBox
heh, funny. Liked the last bit quite a bit. Will they actually be able to figure out how to make inventory magic work? probably not right? i mean is it even magic? it seems more like an ability unique to the system. though other universes do have storage/space magic so maybe they'll figure it out.
2/2/2021 c4 grimmouse197
So he never used a bow before and he doesn't miss at all...WTF
2/2/2021 c9 Dragonkiller215
Fuck nnnoooo i want more love your story so far
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