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11/6/2022 c7 Maria Lavinia Ardeleanu
I cried a lot...Such a beautiful story,one of the best fanfictions...thank you so much for writing this,it is a piece of art.
5/22/2022 c6 10starfiction123
Now see, seasoned individuals know for a fact this whole excerpt had to be inspired by Clannad tomoyo's arc. My personal favorite heck i shipped tomoyoxtomoya harder than nagisa but still it fits Soo perfectly well in kim and Ron's story in around how you took and made it a masterpiece! Very well done!
10/5/2021 c7 Bobtrumpet
I didn't see THAT coming. Way to set up the next story!
10/5/2021 c7 4CajunBear73
S-ucks that all this was part of someone's long game to take over the world using them as pawns to be moved into place as triggers for future plans.

And Betty had better hope Kim, or Ron ever figures out how they were used for someone's plot...

Before it's all sprung.

9/19/2021 c6 OldAccountThatIsNotUsed5770
Been a few chapters since I had a chance to read, good story, enjoyed it. However I am not entirely sure I buy it taking years for Kim and Ron years to get back together.
9/16/2021 c6 Bobtrumpet
A damn fine cup of ... wait a minute, wrong story ... a damn fine ending to a damn fine story.
Am I looking forward to the epilogue, and the sequel? Sure. Can't get enough K&R goodness. As long as you don't kill either of them off (or make them suffer too much). But they are not needed. This one stands as solidly as any story here.
Favorited (story and author). Thank you for writing!
9/16/2021 c6 13Danilinho Ramrez
Really? Is it over already? That was too soon, I hope for the epilogue Wood gets a lesson.
PS: your name reminded me of an OC I read in a KP fanfic. Is your name an allusion to that OC?
9/16/2021 c6 4CajunBear73
The dance displayed the smoldering embers that slowly, gently increased to the comfortable, then raging fire in Kim's heart for Ron's familiar, yet different all whether they knew or would learn of the history of Kim, and, Ron...

Then, the historical doubts one former Sidekick had, successfully exploited by someone who had Kim in his sights as the protegee' he wanted to have as his trophy to his own delusions of grandeur, came back to interrupt the moment and quickly snuff out his part of that 'fire'...Hope that former 'mentor' of Kim's is in a cold, deep hole somewhere...

Shego, not letting Ron give in to his 'failings' to Kim, fought very hard to have him consider so much he denied himself...those courses in her degree must have included a good bit of child-psychology...didn't it?

Finally finding Ron at his Duty Station, Kim's battle for Ron's heart was met with the denials that she softly, gently overcame for her to show Ron he never was what he feared he'd been, what he claimed he'd become, and what he always was to her. And what she was to him...


Gonna be a tough commute...for Kim and/or Ron...MacDill (if that's his new station) is further from DC than Bragg...But...Kim's got a bigger expense account, doesn't she? LOL!
6/28/2021 c5 Slayer
next chapter please
5/5/2021 c5 13Jimmy1201
WooHoo! Double Woo! It may not be easy for them to get back together, but this pair now has a chance!

Thanks for the update!

5/4/2021 c5 Bobtrumpet
Great chapter. You really have some writing chops.
So I assume there's more, right! Tell me there's more!
5/4/2021 c5 4CajunBear73
Nightmares those two will carry for the rest of their lives, as both burden themselves with the doubts that came from years gone by in their previous lives, which paved their paths now lined with guilt, will fade...someday. But not today.

Shego's meeting with Kim and Monique opened some eyes to the price and cost that came with bringing down someone who should have met with a full firing squad after Tribunal...Hanging, the Needle, Sparky or one Bullet among 10 rifles was not enough. I'd have each Rifle pick a separate target, designating one for the coup-de-grace...after the shock wears off of impact on Gemini...

The confrontation at Arlington started a healing that probably span decades, but won't fully heal either until they forgive themselves or accept themselves as they are and go forward with their lives, never forgetting those they'll never see again.

Glad that Ball was on Orders...too. But leave it to Ron to step in at the last second to save Kim's more time.

The twit that separated them at Oxford did the World a Solid by doing so...But that's all he is owed.

5/4/2021 c5 13Danilinho Ramrez
I hope it's Ron behind that mask, I also hope that Kim and Ron can work out their relationship and that Ron gets his trust back, but of course, that son of a beach Wood gets reamed once and for all.
Overall it was a good chapter, I really liked what happened in the invasion against the leader of Hydr... ops, sorry, that's the world, too bad about Collins, I thought he was an interesting character.
4/20/2021 c4 4CajunBear73
What Kim was building for Ron, Ron has to protect for Kim...

Though he wants to bring Gemini in alive, I'm sure he's going to have to play Gemini's game and make a decision that saves the world, denies the madman his Agent Alpha and ends the biggest threat to the planet since the Lowardians.

Don't think many are returning from this one...if any.

4/20/2021 c4 13Danilinho Ramrez
very good chapter, maybe in the long run Kim and Ron will get together again, I hope so; and I also hope that in the next chapters the bastard Wood will receive his punishment, and I emphasize that word, no deserved, no lesson, it's punishment.
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