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4/11/2021 c2 Atkq
This is a cute story. Thank you for sharing it.
3/11/2021 c2 Chach
I love this fanfiction, its one of the best Ive read, honest. Please right more about them as kids, its so adorable and cute!
2/20/2021 c2 1Inaya23
I loved this chapter even more than the last, and I didn't even know that was possible. I love how Eugene and Rapunzel get each other "real" gifts and exchange them at the end. I know that this story is complete, but would you consider adding more chapters! You obviously don't have to, but I'd love to read them if you did. Anyways, stay safe and have a nice day! :)
2/20/2021 c1 Inaya23
I loved this! It was funny and cute at the same time. You did a great job portrays each character's personalities as children. My favorite part is when Rapunzel shows Eugene her drawing and Eugene finishes his Flynnigan story. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
2/16/2021 c2 Piperdog14
.god! So good! Please keep updating, this story is so cute! I really want to see Eugene and Rapunzel’s play date. Although I DO have an idea for a future chapter, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to but I would really appreciate it if you would.

Eugene walks into class and notices that Rapunzel is not sitting in her usual spot, he asks Lance and Cassandra if they know where she is but they don’t know. He spends awhile thinking about it and eventually decides to ask Miss. Meadow where she is, but when he walks up to her he notices her crying. She notices that he is there and quickly wipes away her tears and asks him what he wants. Eugene asks her where Rapunzel is and she starts sobbing harder and explains that Rapunzel was kidnapped from her bedroom last night for a ransom. Eugene’s eyes go wide and his jaw drops. He goes back to his seat and flips through his Flynnigan Rider comic that Rapunzel made him as he remembers all of the moments that he spent with her, one tear escapes his eye but he wipes it away before Cassandra can tease him about it. After school he digs under his bed and slides out a box that is labeled “for adventures only!” And takes out all of the money in the box (which is only like ten dollars) and runs to his father and asks if this money will be enough to save Rapunzel. Edmond kindly explains that the money probably won’t be enough to save his friend but they can still donate it to Rapunzel’s case if he wanted. Eugene agrees and Edmond drives him to the police station and they donate the money to help Rapunzel. A few days later Rapunzel is escorted into the classroom by her parents and Eugene runs up and scoops her into a big bear hug as the rest of the class joyously shouts “Rapunzel!”. He tells her how worried he was about her before looking up and noticing that Rapunzel’s hair is cut to her chin, uneven, and spiky. She looks ashamed but Eugene assures her that it looks good with the pink flower tucked behind her ear. Miss. Meadow plans a last minute party to celebrate Rapunzel’s return and orders a pizza for the class. After school, Eugene goes home and his father tells him that he helped to save Rapunzel’s life by donating and the police found the kidnapper, an old woman named Helena Gothel who needed the money to pay for plastic surgery. Eugene beams with delight and realizes that he has become Flynn Rider, saving damsels in distress, and being a hero.

You can also expand on Rapunzel’s POV while she was with Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel might keep her in a small room in an attic and every time she tries to fight her, Mother Gothel cuts off a piece of her hair.
2/14/2021 c2 KathyMesser
I loved this chapter. Little Eugene and little Rapunzel are so cute. I can't wait to read about their playdate. Please update soon.
2/1/2021 c1 1girl4word
You should totally continue this
1/29/2021 c1 KathyMesser
I love this story. Please write more with little Eugene and little Rapunzel.
1/24/2021 c1 7Piperdog14
Oh my gosh! This story is incredible! Never stop writing! Please continue with another chapter, I would love to read it! Little Rapunzel is the cutest thing and little Eugene is the perfect amount of flirty and intelligent! Although if you decide to make another chapter please let us see Rapunzel and Eugene’s homelife, especially Rapunzel’s. I want to see what you will do with mother Gothel’s character.

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