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12h c35 A Carwile
It is very comforting to make the food we shared together when our loved ones were alive. That was very tender of you to remind us. Remember the good, the witty, the hilarious things they said.
15h c35 Tamarral
Great update
6/13 c34 A Carwile
The letters you penned in Della's name speak of familial love as it was meant to be. Keep writing. We all need reminders.
6/13 c34 Guest
Ok it's time for the letters that Della wrote to her family. Please don't make us wait
Love your story
6/10 c33 Tamarral
This was so good
6/9 c32 Tamarral
Great update
6/9 c32 Guest
Della lived a good long life. She missed Perry. Now it's up to those left behind to learn from her good lifestyle. Hope the letters are good.
6/7 c31 Tamarral
Great update
6/4 c30 A Carwile
Very sweet. There is so much warmth in the story telling about our friends and family who are no longer with us. Cherish each story. Some are sad, some surprising, sweet, and even funny. They are to be treasured. Surely our cherished memories are minuscule compared to what God remembers, right down to the hairs on their heads.
6/4 c30 Tamarral
Great update
5/30 c29 A Carwile
Last time I checked, one in five women miscarried. I know from experience that well- informed preschoolers do grieve over the family loss. At the very least they can share the family loss.
5/30 c29 Guest
Don't beat yourself up too much. I had two miscarriages and 5 wonderful healthy children. Losing a child does take a lot of time to recover from. Della will guide Rebekah through the mental anguish along with her own. Perry will hold that child in his arms. God bless
5/25 c28 Tamarral
Great update
5/24 c27 25CaptainChaos
Wow, well done
5/23 c27 Guest
Intense. Thanks for sharing.
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