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11/6 c3 Brandon Boodoo
update! thanks
11/6 c3 PasiveNox
nice chapter
11/6 c1 Jims
I noticed that Essence of the of the King gives him a signature bloodline.

If you're taking suggestions, give him the ability of Medaka from Medaka Box. "The End" which will give him the bullshit ability of learning at insanely high speeds and copying the enemy ability at 120 percent of their power.
11/5 c3 brunofirmo38
Thanks for the chapter! Welcome back!
I honestly had already given up hope in you continuing your stories, I'm glad you got back active again. I can't wait for the next chapter.
Ps: I hope you update your Fate story too, she was really good.
11/5 c3 LMaltez
"Hopefully things weren't as bad as I had originally speculated when I first arrived in this world."
It's probably to be worse.

Well, I'm rather surprised you have posted a chapter as I really thought you had stopped writing for some reason, its good to know you are alive.

I'm looking forward for more~
11/5 c3 6SupremeSaber
Welcome back can't wait for more
11/5 c2 1Lovegood Loves Good
Liking it so far, looking forward to more!
4/20 c2 PasiveNox
nice chapter
4/20 c1 PasiveNox
this is nice
4/3 c2 Sakra95
Good story. You should have Heracles and Perseus join the MC instead of Cao Cao.
2/27 c1 Guest
Ayyy he's a descendant of Rider! That's a pretty cool background actually.

I think Ozymandias would also be a better ancestor but then again it won't fit that well because I'm pretty sure the Egyptian Pantheon hates the Bible guys.

Hope ye update soon.
2/3 c2 Guest
A rank Charisma at work, folks. He might charm Meredith as well, while he's at it.

His Haki rippoff abilities actually resemble Senjutsu to some extent.
2/3 c1 Guest
Cuchulain is cooler tho
1/27 c2 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
1/27 c2 Angel Extinction
nice story love it.
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