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for Brighter than stars, denser than black holes

1/23 c1 Guest
That ending tho lol
1/25 c1 4littleneko1923
I need mooooore! Omg this was too cute! Please give us more?
1/24 c1 2Kaemisa
Cute af, loved it. Thanks
1/24 c1 Ese99
I think we can all agree here that yojimbra has a bnha plot bunny farm in his brain. Love your stories btw
1/24 c1 2Kaiya Azure
If they're loud enough, then it might not matter which room Mina and the others are in.
1/24 c1 4Lumias
Now I just want to see a bunch of one shots of Mina playing match maker to hilarious consequences that usually work, but somehow bite her in the butt.
1/24 c1 2ringlhach
I kinda think that having Mina get comedically blue balled is worth a series in itself, but I’m cruel like that.
1/24 c1 yomunot
Aha Mina, you reap what you sow.

This was wonderfully fluffy!
1/24 c1 4ZexyZane
Normally, I'm not into this ship, but I'll make an exception. You dense Motherfuvker. I laughed so hard, I almost punched a hole through my wall.
1/24 c1 1avidreaded
Mina went from the frying pan to the fire.
1/23 c1 69Batmarcus
Lol, ah Mina she should have thought about that. Loved this little one-shot
1/23 c1 NoNoSquareBoi
I bet if they exploded, the amount of power would put a hypernova too shame.
1/23 c1 samusbot
Mina, what have you done!?
1/23 c1 Sir.Lockser739
I love a good sunshine pair I love how great you are at characterizing relationships. You have so many cute stories about couples and STILL find ways to talk about these romances thats so fresh and CUTE ️ We Stan
1/23 c1 1BlazaWolf
This had me laughing hard, great work!
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