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3/1 c1 24wolfmusic218
That a girl, Joss! You know what you want. Take it and run!
Nice job! :)
2/21 c1 bolinthings
<3 <3 <3
2/15 c1 ravenhusker
*agent Moss
2/15 c1 ravenhusker
If only it could’ve ended that way for the two of them :) Now will there be a follow up to this story? Because Shirley agent Mike is going to have some questions about a disappearing Joss. Surely she must be in witness protection while waiting four what’s his name to be brought to justice?
1/26 c1 Sharon Gore
The characters were caring and sexy. I the reader is ready to go on the adventure that awaits them.
1/24 c1 Coreenmm
Oh my ! you must continue with this!
1/25 c1 Lady Sundiver
Hey wait one minute! You come back here and finish this! How on Earth did Joss survive that terrible gunshot wound?
1/25 c1 1JayJR
Love this! Such a good treat as usual. I binge read to catch up on your stories. I'll be smiling all day. I am looking forward to finding out who could know Joss is alive besides the machine and the FBI?

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