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8h c16 18TheWriter946
Is it possible to have the old story (Shmack1812) somewhere posted as well? Totally understand if not due many factors, keep up the great work!
7/1 c16 noblefire
Come on bro don't tease us like that
6/23 c16 VinTEB
Dang it a cliffhanger! Can't wait for more!
6/22 c16 1thewookie1
Well this escalated quickly; Bozes is looking to get herself killed I guess. Luckily for the cavalry, if the tanks just button up they could theoretically just sit there until Pina arrives to solve this issue. Could lead to a tense but hilarious standoff with spear wielding knights barely scraping paint off the tank while the crews bemoan the whole ordeal.
6/22 c16 Spk hunter
thank for update, really enjoyed it. please keep em coming :D
6/21 c16 43Avro 683 Lancaster
It's worth it...
6/21 c16 Natsim234
Im so glad to see this is back.
6/21 c16 2J.E.P 1996
Dumb bitches about to throw hands with devil dogs? How many body bags do they need for the pieces?

Welcome back man! Missed your story
6/21 c16 Maroon567
''Thus a fatal incident was about to occur there''

in the form of 50 cal and tank sized shotgun shell no less, unless princess usain bolt to north gate
6/21 c16 7Goodalwayswins98
Great job with this chapter. Really enjoy the different point of views and it feels that the story is entering a phase.

Bozes is probably gonna end up perma-crippled in a way if not dead I guess.
6/21 c16 NowThatsAGamer
Bozes really saw an Abrams with claw marks dug into the front of it and went, "Yeah, we can take that." She's smoking that Empire special.
6/21 c16 Saurotitan
This is good! I honestly thought you'd be silent for another few months, but I'm glad to see this story updating.
6/21 c16 4Major Simi
Uh oh looks like a SNAFU is about to occur. Anyway great chapter
6/21 c16 SpudyPotato
This is one of the few stories that has me excited to see an update. New chapters get priority over everything else. Glad to see the confrontation playing out in a similar but distictly different manner, with the megaphone Marine being straight forward and blunt.

Great work!
6/21 c16 1Sauwk
Love this fanfic!
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