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6/23 c19 Trigger2019
I've read all of the chapters. Writing was stellar, spelling and grammar is phenomenal. I think I'm having a wet dream. In the words of Gordon Ramsay about this fic you made: "Finally, some good fucking food."
6/7 c19 Floorboards
Who was in Paris?

Me, when there’s still no update
5/2 c19 Bruh
Dog when u gonna update
2/9 c19 Guest
I really hope you didn't abandon this fanfic, it's on par with A Sky Full of Fire in my eyes. I'd love to see it finished
2/8 c1 Guest
hello Once again patriot. i have not hear from you about my offer. To seal the deal imagine if you gave a President Lee a shoutout in this story and link Manifest Fantasy to your latest chapter i can Gurantee a larger audience will come to you as people are attracted to American focus story and i will also start promote your sotry. For the shout out i got a cameo as a reward and imagine your characters fighting the gve nazi in Manifest Fantasy. think About it for the future of getting your stry out their
Just a reminding of reward for defending and promote summonng America. Your character in the story written by a true PATRIOT
/ PD13LLx
1/12 c3 Krieger Techpreist
So a long line of Gunnys huh? Nice to see the Stackers were always Marine badasses. (I dont care if its not a halo reference, call a marine Stacker, and hes a UNSC marines ancestor)
1/12 c2 Krieger Techpreist
Was that a Halo 2 ODST cinimatic reference?
1/1 c18 Sceonn
Exact same plot... even down to timings.
12/25/2023 c19 Guest
Well, a 6'5" rabbitgirl wife and a deployment to fantasy animeland as a signing bonus would certainly solve the US' recruiting deficit. Great read btw, I really like how human the characters seem.
12/1/2023 c6 Guest
Really liking this so far. Very small detail: the contraction for “you all” is *y’all,* not ya’ll. As for whether or not The Brass (is it weird for a civilian to say that?) change their mind, maybe. I have family in the military, but my family’s full of nerds so they’re all in the Air Force and thus not particularly qualified. I think, if the idea is to re-orient towards amphibious stuff, that we’ll at least see proposals for stuff that would fit on a lander and be there with the first wave while also having more protection and firepower than a Bradly.
10/20/2023 c19 Scream27
Uh oh, the story’s dead again, isn’t it
10/14/2023 c19 Rexsnipspercabeth
Loving this take on Gate! Hope it continues!
10/7/2023 c7 rfrederick1975
having read the original manga, I find this so far to be a better, more realistic version, I hope to see more chapters.
9/14/2023 c19 Cooldude101011
So regarding the gods question. I assume they only have purview of their respective worlds/dimensions/universes? So Earth’s God/s only have influence over Earth and our universe. While Falmart’s Gods only have influence over Falmart and its universe. Perhaps Earth’s God/s decided to just take a backseat and not influence things directly?

So some kind of zombie affliction?
9/5/2023 c19 Gaspachu
40k? Yeah, you better prepare your wallet lol
Soon, you'll be nose deep in the lore too and before you know it, you'll be making fanfics of it too.
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