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9/14 c19 Cooldude101011
So regarding the gods question. I assume they only have purview of their respective worlds/dimensions/universes? So Earth’s God/s only have influence over Earth and our universe. While Falmart’s Gods only have influence over Falmart and its universe. Perhaps Earth’s God/s decided to just take a backseat and not influence things directly?

So some kind of zombie affliction?
9/5 c19 Gaspachu
40k? Yeah, you better prepare your wallet lol
Soon, you'll be nose deep in the lore too and before you know it, you'll be making fanfics of it too.
8/28 c15 Cooldude101011
The CIA keeping their word?

I think Formal was willing to pay any price if it meant being with his daughter again.
8/27 c13 Cooldude101011
Yeah, fucking spooks masquerading as other branches. Maybe Roger actually was a Green Beret but then transferred to the CIA?
8/27 c11 Cooldude101011
Fucking spooks.
8/27 c7 Cooldude101011
Ah yes “the green weenie”. I heard of it from another fanfic written by a vet
8/27 c2 Cooldude101011
Ahh War Thunder. The Snail consumes us all
8/24 c19 AMX Sidewinder
“Your God isn’t here”


Obviously, Rory cannot feel the presence of the LORD because she is a follower of a false god
8/23 c2 jmridgeway223
I saw the message on the latest chapter, Glad to see you back in the game. I had a barrel of laughs on the 30 something chapter version of this. Hell I seen fanart of Cpl. Kincaid and this fanfic, So you must be doing something right if you get fanart of it.

Hope I see more of this.
8/18 c19 Mendoza249
Great chapter, I'm starting to get the feeling the Marines and the JSDF is gonna be fighting some eldritch god in the end lol
8/13 c19 4Major Simi
Well except the unexpected in Another World. Anyway great chapter and keep going
8/5 c19 1Sauwk
Love this fanfic so much
8/3 c19 tmcgo777
nice chapter
7/25 c1 S208
tbh, every time I see the title my mind immediately goes to the ending theme of The Adventures of Clutch Powers. The story itself is good though, don't get me wrong, it seems more realistic with the US-JAP alliance.
7/24 c19 jetjedi
This is a cool story
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