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2h c10 GloGang214
you ruined it for me with that interaction with the God or whatever.
10/2 c17 scottusa1
Great story so far.

This is an interesting twist to the original story. I was a little bummed that Tuka isn't tagging along with everyone else, but I understand why. Here's to hoping that you can find a way for her to join at some point that makes sense. If not, oh well. There's plenty of other stories where she does.

I also like the minor ideological conflict between Aldrich and Itami. I see where both men are coming from. I think finding a middle ground will be the best path moving forward. One where idealism is guided by the cautious hand of hard earned experience.

I don't know. This is just the thoughts from a guy who never had to go outside the wire during any of his deployments while in the Air Force as Security Forces. Take what I say with a grain of salt if you want.

Either way, this one is a real page turner for me and I'd like to see more. Keep it up. Laters.
9/28 c17 The Only Liberator
I really liked your last story, I'M LOVIN THIS ONE! Keep up the great work!
9/25 c17 1BossyPants2123
Pretty dang good, keep up the good work!
9/16 c17 Scream27
None of this mushy gushy character development from Aldrich, please. Also Itami is a fucking idiot. Making a forward outpost is a bad thing? The fuck is he even on.

Less character development, less “there is good in you” cringe (honestly wtf was that), more shooting and killing.

9/15 c17 6BiazarKaiser
honestly pretty amazing
9/10 c1 James Trombly
Fuck yeah brother.
9/9 c17 Guest
ah the age old battle of idealism versus experience. as a wise man once said "in my book Experience outranks everything" and i think that Itami might have to learn that the hard way. After all while they have so far not been faced with a overly hostile populace that is assuredly changing and the clean war Itami is having is going to probably turn into one far more familiar to the Marine's.
9/11 c17 ThunderbladeN
Honestly loving the remake so far. It's got the perfect amount of funny comedy and serious discussion and feels far, far more grounded than the original. Characters have a depth and complexity that was somewhat lacking in the original and just the quality of the writing itself is vastly improved. Hoping to see more soon.
9/10 c17 1thewookie1
Hmm, some conflict of viewpoints; I like it.

A Skyrim reference, always a positive.

Is this the first chapter of either this or the original version that didn't have notes section on the bottom with military lingo translations?
9/10 c17 2Ray SK
This is unrelated but I've always wondered if you would ever be willing to do a short story on your crew and their tank versus some of the kajiu from the monsterverse like the Skullcrawlers

regardless this story is awesome and I like the building conflict
9/10 c17 1Little Voracious
I'm actually expecting an interesting conflict between how the Japanese and the Americans deal with an invasion of a completely foreign land. Look forward to more.
9/10 c17 7Goodalwayswins98
Great chapter man. Best part was Kincaid haggling with the trader. Had me howling.
9/10 c17 4Major Simi
Well good chapter, keep going
9/9 c17 5NlaEid
What a balancing act, eh? They're trying not make the same mistakes of the past, but also gotta make sure that they don't forget lessons learned and paid for by lives.

Also, Kajit expy just sold them a pet didn't he? That or they're enjoying the biggest omelette
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