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9/20/2021 c10 10Just a Crazy-Man
Epic. :)
9/20/2021 c10 39Storm Wolf77415
One of my favorite parts of this story was seeing Rory claim the crew of Here We Go Again as her "Knights of Emroy." Now Kincaid has met with the Big E himself. I can't wait for this!
9/20/2021 c10 454godamora
Tuka is alive!
9/20/2021 c10 1NumberOnepoop
A new update?

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.
9/20/2021 c10 8MickDunD
Amazing work as always, dude.
9/6/2021 c1 7Writen
God damn, and here I was thinking this story was dead. I was actually coming back to re-read the old version of HWGA for old times sake, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a rewrite here going strong. Good on you, dude! Can't wait to see where you go with this.

I always liked the original GATE concept, but to be honest HWGA took the same idea and just... did it better in every possible way imo.
9/5/2021 c9 Ender001
Ah, M903. Or the tracer variation...
This is the bare minimum to fight any plate in existence, and most light armor too
Probably not a good idea round these parts, don't wanna collat a civvie or something.
9/4/2021 c5 Ender001
Warning: Stupid Outsider is here.
Organic anti armor is probably planned to make up the diff for busting lights and dueling heavies. After that is artillery and combined arms. Hellfires clean all problems is probably the new motto.
Gonna be honest, mixed feelings. Speaking as an outsider, I'm not comfy with the concept of sending light infantry with things that are barely bulletproof to autocannon. Having a few heavy assets means they need to devote money, time, and operators to heavy AT. If out tip of the spear lacks those assets they can spam more lighter AT and play some if their heavy assets more aggressively. Plus, they can devote more to standard infantry and fight with more ammo, supplies, etc.
I just don't see the solution of JavelinStryker solving every solution. If you're dueling heavy armor a TA missile isn't a surefire and like hell is an MGS going to wanna try popping an MBT.
9/2/2021 c9 crea9587
This is really nice. I know that it would be one of those stories that I am going to enjoy as I read through it in my spare time.

Keep it up and cheers:)

all the best in the time of the COVID Pandemic.

8/26/2021 c9 1Sauwk
this is just so goddamn cool!
8/24/2021 c1 1Theminstrelknight
A poem, an ode if you will:

Here we go again
The mantra of men
For everywhere we go
It's sure to be a show
For our service hence
Our enemies doth wince
Slayers of Dragons
Downing many flagons
In their Iron Wagons
Drawn by the Horseman of War
It's quite a lovely tale
In which legends do pale
But I have to read once more...

So here we go again~!
8/15/2021 c2 6redandready45
I got a lot of "WELCOME TO EARTH, BRANIAC" vibes from this chapter.
8/12/2021 c9 BoarLord
I only have one question:

They gonna eat the dragon?
8/12/2021 c9 FrickinRaft
From one service member to another, thanks for your service Devil Dog (I bet you're probably tired of hearing that). Stumbled across this story after finishing the anime and have to say it's one of the best I've read on this site in a long time. You've got something special here, keep that ball rolling.
8/12/2021 c9 1Johavalan
Holy cow, one of the best dragon fight scene in my opinion. Though, now that the dragon is dead I guess there is no need to move Coda village huh?
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