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7/7/2021 c8 Scream27
great well, now i wanna know who is this "fan favorite" that was confirmed to exist this chapter, because i couldn't tell.
7/7/2021 c8 1thewookie1
Language, while certainly a sticking point in almost every isekai's shortcomings is a subject that really shouldn't be played with much unless its instrumental to the story. After all, who wants to read broken English phrases for 45 chapters. It would only give us all headaches.

Off to face the dragon and save some elves, hopefully a few more than canon; after all they have a few "cannons" to assist in anti-dragon warfare.

Air superiority will be possible soon, good!

Do you see the irony in a "tank" having a "fishbowl" inside it?

Always a good read this is.
7/7/2021 c8 454godamora
Alright next chapter is the first encounter with the Flame Dragon. I'd like it if someone, preferably one of the Americans, said this: "Eat this, Smaug!"
7/7/2021 c8 5NlaEid
Driver's probably a meal for the ladies back home, and definitely is a meal for the monsters in this new world!

Anyway, excited for the up and coming action!
7/7/2021 c8 8MickDunD
Nice as always
7/7/2021 c8 1Little Voracious
Good to see another of your updates again.
7/7/2021 c8 3AWACS Freeshipping
shouldn't RCT3 ring up command on the fire with the intel they got? considering the elves and village
7/6/2021 c8 1TopHatGuy
I thought the Harriers were being retired back in 2014, but uh, guess not. They’re still kicking apparently, sort of, ish.

Also end of the year? At this rate? Man, either this is going to be REALLY short or we’re bouts see weekly/near weekly updates.

I don’t know just how modern we’re going with USMC TOEs here, but somewhere along the line, drones become fairly widespread, one small quadcopter (or maybe something smaller, can’t exactly remember) to every squad widespread. So I’m going to ask if Itami is going to run into the Flame Dragon blind, or somebody at Alnus is going to toss a Raven, or hell, they can just tube launch a Switchblade and have that check it out before RCT3 comes storming in.

Also damn that village was 1.5km away? That wasn’t much of a drive. Kinda weird how the villagers haven’t tried to take a peek at Alnus yet. Something like some of the younger and stupider kids running over to see what all those explosions were.

Man, you’ve forgotten to capitalize the A in M1A1 again. You didn’t do that in the original, what’s with doing it now?

As a last note, loitering munition gang or bust.

Rest was good. We got ourselves some different perspectives, some characters things, the works. Also still want to see that fistfight between Hatch and D.

7/6/2021 c8 2Soch1209
This takes priority over sleep
7/6/2021 c8 4Dom2040
Thank you for the chapter sir 15zero :)
Awesome as always!
7/2/2021 c7 2Ray SK
looking forward to more chapters of this amazing story
6/29/2021 c7 Riterew
Man, seeing this being rewritten legit made me tear up. It's like being reunited with an old friend.

The style has definitely changed from the first version, but the characters and world still feel just as alive and real as the first time around. Can't wait for more chapters, and I wish you the best
5/28/2021 c7 7Goodalwayswins98
Sweet job man and I'm looking forward to more.
5/25/2021 c7 1thewookie1
The teams are moving out!

Interesting that they are have sleep deprivation; makes me curious if it could be magic related or merely normal jitters.

Cheer up Itami, you're a new Christopher Columbus or Leif Eriksson
5/25/2021 c2 1fanaic123
I heard of this fanfic by curiously searching "Gate - Thus the U.S Marines Fought There!" and tv tropes referred me to this and I thought it was awesome. I too was very miffed about how the plot of such a premise was handled (hey I get nationalism, but like, it was so hamfisted, a guy like me whose as dense as a brick, noticed it to be too much). I loved the dialogue, felt very military (in the good way - and that makes sense given who it's written by) and all in all I like this. I'm just kicking myself for not having found this sooner.
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