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1/31/2021 c2 Guest
1/30/2021 c1 jaalco
good luck mate
1/28/2021 c1 2Proud-Firebrand
Holy fuck...! Just... Wow! I remember back when I still in Junior High in my last year when I first read your story, and well into Senior.
I used to reread your story whenever you updated, your story is right up there, just for the fact youre type writing is what Ive craved back then for a military fic specifically a Gate fic.
A veterans unembellished experience driven story with great writing, sad when it finished and then excited to read you were going to re-write it.
And to see you actually do it now.
Holy fuck!
bought me all kinds of emotions, reminiscent, elated, excited, melancholic(over how fast time went by).
Man welcome back, 21 years old with a tear in my eye, an excited grin of the 16 year old bellowing, Here we go. Again.
1/28/2021 c2 6Steryx the Squirrel Lord
Didn't expect you to rewrite the story again.

Aside from that this is quite fast pace compared to the previous version. Though that's not bad at all since its easier for readers to follow.
1/28/2021 c2 Korbussite
Off to an awesome start
1/25/2021 c1 SScrean27
Honestly i really dont understand the decision into retiring the tanking mos from the marines.
1/25/2021 c1 Joe
God damn, here we go again.
1/27/2021 c2 1LambSlam72
The original was lowkey what got me into writing my own fanfic. I'm excited that you're doing a rewrite.
1/27/2021 c2 Sunrayz
Good shit. Looking forward to the next chapters.
1/27/2021 c2 SpudyPotato
Awesome to see you back. HWGA was hands down the best Gate x other military fic out there, followed by Manifest Destiny. And now both are getting improved.

Really looking forward to what you do with this and how you continue Ever Onward.

Great work!
1/24/2021 c2 Inceptor57
As someone who was a fan of the previous work, it was a surprise to see the FanFiction email notification pop-up and say the title of a work I thought had been stopped already. It was a delight to see new content related to the story, and with a sign that it will be having a fresh new start.

Its interesting to see how fast we're going in this story compared to the last work; we're already kicking-off of the incident in this chapter in what took 2-3 chapter in the previous iteration. It does get to the point quickly like how the GATE media portray it in the manga/anime. I am curious as it seems like the OC in this story is not present in the general vicinity when the GATE incident happens, unlike the previous work. I wonder how this will develop into his involvement with the events.

What I am really liking so far is a larger emphasis on the aerial theater of these incidents. The previous work in the GATE incident had one paragraph dedicated to Harriers with no other spotlight in the incident. Focus on the air events gives a good third-dimensional perspective of the operations and makes it feel honestly more lively and reactive. It would be interesting to see if we will have a character that is a FAC/JTAC/ANGLICO to get more involvement of air assets in the story.

Also, about that "Russian piece of shit tank game", I wonder if its got application of being a poor-man's Steel Beasts Pro PE to show the Gate natives on how a tank and other vehicle systems work.

I am looking forward to this new, fresh perspective that you have in mind for Here We Go Again!
1/26/2021 c2 EmpireStateofNY
Cant have a proper depiction of War Thunder without someone inevitably getting Gaijined.

Anyway, glad to see this is back.
1/25/2021 c1 President28
A little over two weeks ago, I finally got around to reading Gate fanfics. I don't really read fanfiction much but I heard that some of the works based on Gate were good and were considered to be better than the source material. So I decided to read Here We Go Again first since it was the most popular one and, well, to say that I liked it would be a massive understatement. I can't properly describe what it was like reading it other than to say that it was one hell of a ride. I fucking loved and enjoyed every moment so much. And now that you're rewriting it, I feel so excited and happy. I just want to say thank you for writing (and rewriting) HWGA. This is my first time writing a review here so I'm sorry if I came off as weird, awkward or rude.
1/25/2021 c2 2M3 Luck3y Charms
Bruuuuuh! It's fucking great to see you again, dude! HWGA has certainly left an impact on me. It's great that you're writing in GATE again! You've certainly helped inspire me and a lot of writers who continue to expand upon this community! I will certainly be following you the entire ride! Because as you said,

1/25/2021 c2 3Inbred martian
love to see that this is back, i always loved this story and cant wait to see how you steer it. Hope RL has been good to you and life hasnt been to hard lately. And to wrap it all up i just got one thing to say, god bless the US marine corp
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