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6/21 c16 Herbet128
Nice chapter, keep it up man
6/21 c16 Brent39
Ending on a cliffhanger? How could you? Fairly dark note to end things on, those Rose Knights better hope they stand down, 'cause if they take things too far then they just might wind up in front of a military tribunal. And God help them if they do, because their "gods" sure as spit won't.
6/20 c16 454godamora
Whelp time to stop a bunch of little ladies pretending to be Erza Scarlet from getting themselves killed
6/20 c16 The Silver Dragon Emperor
YES! Was just thinking yesterday 'Damn, hope there's another HWGA chapter soon.' And like a brick through a window, you've delivered.
6/14 c15 Saurotitan
I can't help but say that you've done a great job balancing the JSDF elements with the American addition to the story, showing that for all the strengths and experience the US brings to the table the original characters of Gate were still kicking ass and taking names. I am waiting with bated breath for your next chapter... whenever it comes along
6/3 c15 3odstrules21
Dude I'm fucking HOOKED on this shit bro
5/25 c15 TheJ
Bring back the old story please?
5/5 c15 2PurgeTheXeno
This is some good shit! Keep it up!
4/27 c1 Josh
Bring back the old story.
4/4 c2 lbtlndies
Damn man, loved the War Thunder reference
4/1 c15 FunctionalAlcoholicUncle
Why’d you delete your original story? It was a good read as well.
3/29 c15 Guest
God I missed this, read a stalker/gate fic that reminded me about this story and came for a re read but am over the moon to see that new life has been breathed into it. Love this story and the world you are creating, keep up the good job my man
3/29 c11 PanzerkampfwagenVI
I actually like howbyiu portrayed rory as a middle aged woman its better than being a loli
3/21 c15 YermakGundyr
Wow! The "renegade" army general here being sympathetic and having some sort of a tragic and a 'meaningful' death scene instead of the original where "hurdur, this is unfair." I loved the scene of him dying at the hands of the Princess and cursing her for the actions of the Empire which makes her realize that there really is something wrong with her kingdom and thus makes Pina's reason for quickly siding with the Earth military more valid instead of just "Hurdur, otherworld military stronk".
3/18 c15 AsSeenInBaybayin
Ramirez! Get that peace treaty with the Formal Clan completed!
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